All India Coordinated Research Projects

S. No. Name of AICRPs Funding pattern Project  Incharge
1.  AICRP on Rapeseed & Mustard Kanpur 75:25 Dr Lallu
2.  AICRP on Paddy Improvement Project 75:25 Dr P.K. Singh
3.  AICRP on Vegetable 75:25 Dr D.P. Singh
4.  AICRP on Pearl millet 75:25 Dr M.F. Husain
5.  AICRP on Wheat & Barley 75:25 Dr H.G. Prakash
6.  AICRP on Pesticide Residue 75:25 Dr R.C. Nigam
7.  AICRP on Management of salt affected soil 75:25 Dr Ravindra Kumar
8.  AICRP on Integrated Farming System 75:25 Dr Karam Husain
9.  AICRP on Linseed Kanpur 75:25 Dr N.S. Sachan
 10.  AICRP on Groundnut Mainpuri 75:25 Dr Shaukat Ali
11.  AICRP on Linseed Mauranipur 75:25 Dr V.P. Nagaich
12.  AICRP on Seasame Mauranipur 75:25 Dr V.P. Nagaich
13.  AICRP on Maize 75:25 Dr Keshav Arya
14.  AICRP on Cotton 75:25 Dr Jagdish Kumar
15.  AICRP on  Tobacco 75:25 Dr A.K.Srivastav
16.  AICRP on Plant Parasitic Nematode 75:25 Dr Kripa Shanker
17.  AICRP on Agro meteorology Project 75:25 Dr A.P. Dubey
18. AICRP on Seed Technology Research 75:25 Dr A.L. Jatav
19. AICRP on Breeder Seed Production 75:25 Dr C.P. Sachan
20. AICRP on  Pigeon pea sub center Kanpur 75:25 Dr Lokendra Singh
21. AICRP on MULLaRP sub center Kanpur 75:25 Dr Lokendra Singh
22. AICRP on Castor 75:25 Dr S.K. Srivastava
23. AICRP on Potato 75:25 Dr A.K. Dubey

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