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The University has established Agricultural Technology Information Centre (ATIC) at the main campus, Kanpur. Majority of the farmers are visited at ATIC from Kanpur, Lucknow, Allahabad, Chitrakoot Dham, Jhansi, Agra and Aligarh divisions of University area jurisdiction. The main purpose of their visit was to purchase the improved seed of different rabi crops like wheat, barley, mustard, linseed, chickpea, field pea, lentil & vegetable pea and different kharif crops like paddy, maize, arhar, moong, urd and sesamum. The problems raised by the farmers during interaction with scientists at ATIC were especially on seed of improved varieties, seed rate, doses of fertilizers application, organic farming plant protection, weed control, horticulture, floriculture, livestock, mushroom production and bee keeping.

Progress Report of Agricultural Technology Information Centre (ATIC) (2021-22)

Services provided by ATIC
  • The ATIC is a single window support system , linking various units of research and problem solving exercise.
  • Diagnostic Services for soil and water testing, plants and livestock health etc.
  • Supply of research product such as seed and other planting materials, Poultry strains, livestock breed, fish seeds and processed product etc.
  • Sale of Publication and communication materials, as well as audio-visualaids produced by the research organizations.
Functional Structure
Product Service Information
Seeds of all the crops Soil and Water testing Exhibits
Value added Product Farm advisory Services Audio-visual aids
Farm Literature
Kisan Call Centre

Phone calls made by farmers & Farm women were received. Queries and problems of land developers, government organizations and private campanies were also replied to.

Monthly meeting of Krishak Samiti

Farmers of Chandra Shekhar Krishak Samiti member meet on 5th of every month and discussed their queries. Scientist of the different descipline participated in the programme to give them adequate solutions.

Details of Farmer’s visit

Sr. No. Purpose of visit Number of farmer’s visited
Technology Information 5056
Technology Products 3670
Farmer’s are given advise 781

Facilities in the ATIC which are in operation

Sr. No. Particulars Availability (Please √ mark) Number
Reception counter 1
Exhibition / technology museum 01
Touch screen Kiosk x
Cafeteria x
Sales counter 02
Farmer’s feedback register 01
Farmer’s entry register 03
Training Hall 01
Help Line 03

Technology information provided

Details on technology information
Sr. No. Information Category Number of Programe Total Number of Farmers Benefitted Category of Information
Varieties / Hybrids Pest Management Disease Management Agro-techniques Soil and Water Conservation Post Harvest Technology and Value Addition Animal Husbandry and Fisheries
Kisan Call Centre / other Phone calls from farmers 5056 2110 676 471 1037 173 295 344

Publications (Print & Electronic media)

Sr. No. Particulars Number sold Revenue generated in (Rs.) Number of farmers benefited
Books 1500 15000 1500
Technical bulletins 5000 5000

Technology Products provided

Sr. No. Particulars Quantity Unit of quantity Value in
Number of farmers benefited
Seeds 3802.19 Quintal 15149826 3670

Technology services provided

Sr. No. Particulars Revenue generated(Rs) Number of farmers benefited
Soil and water testing 26770 89
Plant diagnostics 0 0
Details about the services to line Departments (seed sample tested) 23500 470

Publication on Technology inventory

Sr. No. Particulars Number
Directorate published the technological inventory Krishak Bharati Kharif – 500
Krishak Bharati Rabi– 1000
Krishak Bharati Zaid– 500