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About the Department:

The Textiles & Clothing department came in to existence as one of the disciplines of College of Home Science in the year 1996. The department aims at equipping students’ knowledge and skill-oriented trainings as well as to conduct quality research,that would make them job ready and self-reliant. Departmentoffers elective courses in Textile and Apparel Designing to the third and final year students of four years BSc degree of Community Science, two years degree in MSc and three years degree in PhD degree. To implement the curriculum and research activities effectively, the department is equipped with the laboratories for Garment Construction, Textile Science and Laundary,Textile Dyeing and Printing and Textile Testing laboratories.


To capacitate undergraduate and post graduate students by imparting textile and clothing related knowledge and skills through well formulated programmes of study and quality curriculum delivery; to undertake micro and macro level need based research studies in the field and to empower through dissemination of knowledge of the department and upgradation of related income generating skills.


  • To specialize human resource development in the area of Textiles & Clothing.
  • To conduct fundamental as well as applied research in different areas of domain of Textiles & Clothing.
  • Socio-economic upliftment of rural and semiurban women through practical training of handicraft, stitching embroidery, weaving and knitting.


  • After completing undergraduate and postgraduate degree students get job in following Institutes/ Industries
    • Allahabad University, Allahabad
    • Navsaari Agriculture University, Navsaari, Gujraat
    • Axis College, Kanpur
    • Tarun Textiles
    • Jet Knitwear, Kanpur
    • Shine Collection Pvt. Ltd., Noida
  • Apparel and Handicrafts exhibition-cum-sale, and theme based displays are regularly organized by the department under various courses to develop creative skills among students.
  • Department organizes seminars on current technology in the field of Textiles, Clothing and Fashion.
  • Various competitions are organized by the department to enhance the innovativeness and creative ability of the students.
  • Skill enhancing workshops.
  • Live project/assignments/seminars/case study on the job oriented training in various industries.

Various Manuals Prepared by the faculty members

For Undergraduate Programme

  • Fundamentals of Clothing Construction
  • Textile Science and Care
  • Garment Construction and Planning
  • Knitting Technology-1
  • Weaving-1
  • Printing Technology for Textiles
  • Indian Textiles and Costumes
  • Dyeing Technology for Textiles

For Postgraduate Programme

  • Fiber Science
  • Textile Quality Analysis


  • Total 50dissertations have been submitted by MSc. Students from the year 2002 to 2019.The researches done , are planned in accordance with the following research priority areas of the department.
    • Natural dyeing
    • Plant Fiber Extraction
    • Functional finishes on Textiles
    • Dress designing through CAD software
    • Designing of Functional garments
    • Handicraft Designing
  • 90 research papers have been published so far in national and International jornalof repute.
  • Seven papers have been published in following journals having NAAS rating more than 6.
    • Journal of Cleaner Production
    • Journal of Natural Fiber
    • Industrial Crops & Products
    • Waste and Biomass Valorization
  • Six book Chapters have been publishe along with on book on “Flax Fiber Processing Technology” in the year 2014.


  • Two workshops on ‘stitching, embroidery, handicrafts, printing and dyeing’was organized in the department of Textiles & Clothing with active support from Directorate of Extension and UPLDC Kanpur. Around 50 trainees in the age group of 15 to 35 from nearby villages participated in the workshop. The training programme enable the participants to learn and generate income through self-employment.
  • Training on ‘Tie and Dye’ and one month workshop on’Tailoring’(Designing of garments)were organized at Bhailamau village.
  • Twenty days training on ‘Knitting and Embroidery ‘was organized for women of low socio-economic status, residing in C.S.A . Campus and nearby areas at deptt. of Textiles & Clothing.
  • Training on ‘Designing of Handicraft items with Macrame’ was organized at Examination Hall in College of Home Science, for needy women and girls of University premises.
  • Extension work has been carried out in University adopted village ‘Anooppur’ on ‘Tailoring’, ‘Embroidery’ and ‘Handicraft Designing’.
  • Displays cum Workshop/ Hands on training is regularly organised for rural women during kisan mela on following topics.
    • Tie & Dye
    • Screen Printing
    • Batik Printing
    • Macrame
    • Rug Making

Flax retting technique developed by Dr. Ritu Pandey, Asst. Prof. Home Scinece deptt. CSAUAT

Flax retting technique


Garment Construction Lab: This lab is equipped with 25 regular sewing machines and 5 advance fashion maker machines. Textile Printing Lab: This laboratory has full fledged facilities for printing of bed covers and sarees in full length. The laboratory also has the facility for testing colour fastness of dyed and printed fabrics.

Textile Testing laboratory: This laboratory consists of following testing equipments.

  • Textile Strength Tester
  • Abrasion Resistance Tester
  • Pilling strength Tester
  • Fabric Stiffness Tester
  • Fabric Thickness Gauze
  • Lanuder-o-meter
  • Perspirometer
  • Yarn Twist Tester
  • Projection Microscope
  • Dyeing Machine
  • Bursting Strength Tester

UG Courses

B.Sc (Hons) Home Science Ist Semester

Sl.No. Course  Name Course No Credit Deptt.
1 Human Physiology BSH-1041 3(3+0) FSN
2 Life Span development HUD-101 3 (2+1) HUD
3 Food science and Processing FSN-101 3 (2+1) FSN
4 Fundamentals of Clothing Construction


TCL-101 3(1+2) TCL
5 Human Science Extension and Rural development


ECM-101 3(3+0) ECM
6 Physical and Inorganic Chemistry REM-101 2 (1+1) Soil.Sc

Linseed unit

7 Biology ECM-201 3(2+!) Oil Seed



8 English and Technical writing BSH-204 2(1+1)
9 N.S.S BSH-122 1(0+1) HUD

B.Sc (Home Science) II semester

S.No. Course Name Course Code Credit Deptt
1 Food Preservation and Storage FSN-102 3(1+2) FSN
2 Housing and Space Management FRM-102 3(2+1) FRM
3 Textile Science and Care. TCL-102 3(2+1) TCL
4 Early Childhood Care and Development HUD-102 3(2+1) HUD
5 Instructional Technology ECM-102 3(2+1) ECM
6 Women in Agriculture BSH-102 3(3+0) ECM
7 Environmental Studies BSH-103 3(2+1) C.P.
8. Organic Chemistry REM-103 2(1+1) Soil.Sci


8 N.S.S 1(0+1) HUD

B.Sc (Hons) Home Science IIIrd Semester

Sl.No. Course  Name Course No Credit Deptt.
1 Computer Science BSH-201 3(1+2) Agri Eco


2 Bio-chemistry BSH-202 3 (2+1) Biochemistry
3 Children with Developmental Challenges HUD-201 3 (2+1) HUD
4 Human Nutrition


FSN-201 3 (2+1) FSN
5 Apparel &

Designing Construction


TCL-201 3(1+2) TCL
6 Fundamentals ofArt and


FRM-201 3 (1+2) FRM
7 Communication,

Diffusion & Adoption

ECM-201 3(2+!) ECM
8 Physics REM -201 2(1+1)
9 N.S.S BSH-122 1(0+1) HUD

B.Sc (Hons) Home Science IVth Semester

Sl.No. Course  Name Course No Credit Deptt.
1 Programme Planning Implementation and Evalution BSH-201 3(1+2) ECM
2 Fundamentals of Textile Desiging TCL-202 3 (2+1) Biochemistry
3 Family economics & Consumer Education FRM-202 3 (2+1) HUD
4 Dynamics of Marriage &Family


HUD-202 3 (3+0) HUD
5 Normal & therapeutic Nutrition


FSN-202 3(1+2) TCL
6 Elementary Statistics FRM-201 3 (1+2) Agri Ext



7 N.S.S BSH-122 1(0+1) HUD

B.Sc Vth Semester (TCL)

Sl.No. Course  Name Course No Credit Deptt.
1 Traditional Indian textiles TCL-301 3(2+1) TCL
2 Computer aided Desigining TCl-303 3(2+1) TCL
3 Principal of Design Application TCl-302 3 (1+2) TCL


4 Structural Fabric Design TCl-304 3 (1+2) TCL
5 Traditional Costumes of India TCl-305 3(2+1) TCL
6 Photo Journalism ECM-303 4(1+3) ECM

B.Sc VIth Semester (TCL)

Sl.No. Course  Name Course No Credit Deptt.
1 Traditional Indian textiles TCL-301 3(2+1) TCL
2 Computer aided Desigining TCl-303 3(2+1) TCL
3 Principal of Design Application TCl-302 3 (1+2) TCL


4 Structural Fabric Design TCl-304 3 (1+2) TCL
5 Traditional Costumes of India TCl-305 3(2+1) TCL
6 Photo Journalism ECM-303 4(1+3) ECM

B.Sc VIIIth Semester (TCL)

Sl.No. Course  Name Course No Credit Deptt.
1 Project Management – ECM-403 3(1+2) TCL
2 Designing through dyeing & Printing TCL-401 3(1+2) TCL
3 CAD Customization TCl-402 3 (0+3) TCL


4 Design studio practice & Project       work TCl-403 4 (0+4) TCL
5 Printed fabric designing TCl-404 3(0+3) TCL
6 Knitting Technology-II TCl-405 3(0+3) TCL

PG Courses

M.Sc Ist Semester (TCL)

Sl.No. Course  Name Course No Credit TeachersName Deptt.
1 Fiber Chemistry TAD-501 3(2+1) Dr. Archana Singh TCL
2 Historic Textile and Costume TAD-505 3(2+1) Dr. Ritu pandey TCL
3 Consumer Communication media FRM-507 3 (1+2) Dr.Smita Tripathi

PDF fellow

4 Training and HumanResource Management HECM-502 3 (1+2) Dr. Mithlesh Verma ECM
5 Research Methods in Home Science HSC-500 3(0+3) Dr. Mithlesh Verma ECM

M.Sc IInd Semester (TCL)

Sl.No. Course  Name Course No Credit TeachersName Deptt.
1 Textile quality analysis TAD-501 3(2+1) Dr. Archana Singh TCL
2 Advance Textile design TAD-505 3(2+1) Dr. Ritu pandey TCL
3 Home Textile FRM-507 3 (1+2) Dr.Smita Tripathi

PDF fellow

4 Statistical Method STAT-500 3 (2+1) Dr. Anjani Kumar Singh

Shri Arun Srivastav

Agri Ext



M.Sc IIIrd Semester (TCL)

Sl.No. Course  Name Course No Credit TeachersName Deptt.
1 Advance Pattern Making TAD-504 3(1+2) Dr.Archana Singh TCL
2 Textile Finishing TAD-509 2 (1+1) Dr.Archana Singh TCl
3 Consumer Guidance and Counseling FRM-506 3 (2+1) Guest Faculty

Ph.D. Courses

Semester Wise Break-up

Ist Semester

Code Course Title Credits
TAD-602 Technical Textiles 3(2+1)
TAD-603 Textile Ecology 3(3+0)
HSC-600 Research Project mangement


STAT-600 Data ProceSSing


IInd Semester

Code Course Title Credits
TAD-601 Functional Clothing 3(2+1)
HDFS-608 Ecology of Human development 3(3+0)
HECM-606 advertizing & marketing 2(1+1)
HECM-607 monitoring Evluation & impact assesment 3(2+1)

IIIrd Semester

Code Course Title Credits
TAD-691 Seminar-I 1(1+0)

Semester IV

Code Course Title Credits
TAD-692 SEMINAR-II 1(1+0)

Semester V& VI

Code Course Title Credits


1)- Dr.Archana Singh, In charge & Associate Professor

Dr. (Mrs.) Archana Singh was obtained B.Sc. (Home Science) degree from GBPUA&T, Pantnagar in 1998, M.Sc. in Clothing & Textiles in 2000 from GBPUA&T, Pantnagar, and Ph.D. degree from CSJMU, Kanpur in the year 2012. In the year 2001 she joined as Assistant Professor in the department of Textiles & Clothing, College of Home Science, CSAUA&T, Kanpur and at present working as Associate Professor. Dr. Singh has 20 years of experience in teaching at U.G. and P.G. level. Her expertise in guiding postgraduate students is more than 15 years and guided 25 Master’s thesis as a major advisor so far. Published more than 55 papers in National and International Journals of repute and participated in more than 40 National and International Conferences. Recipient of 7 awards for best poster presentation in conferences and seminars and appreciation certificates as a cultural counsellor for conducting various cultural activities at University level. She had performed various administrative responsibilities as Officer In-charge ,Assistant Warden, In-charge, Computer lab, Cultural Counsellor at Univ. Level , Faculty Store Incharge, N.S.S. Officer. Along with this she has been the member of different committees (Education, Purchase, Antiragging, Employees,Grievances Redressal Cell etc.). Currently she is performing as an Incharge of the Department of Textiles & Clothing and NSS coordinator of the University.

2)- Dr.Ritu Pandey, Assistant Professor
Dr Ritu Pandey is Assistant Professor at Chandra Shekhar Azad University of Agriculture & Technology (CSAUAT) Kanpur. She has 25 years of teaching experience. She has guided 25 post graduate and 5 Ph.D. students so far. She has published more than 35 research papers and contributed book chapters. She has successfully completed a research project on flax fiber. She has presented her researches on plant fibers and dyes at various national and international forums, symposiums and conferences.