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About Department

The Department of Agricultural Extension was founded in year 1960 as an independent unit of teaching in the formerly known Govt. Agriculture College (later on found the status of C.S. Azad University of Agri. & Tech.). The objective was teaching students in the discipline of Agricultural Extension to generate manpower for helping farming community and raising agricultural production and molding attitude about innovations, technologies and activities launched in C.D. & NES blocks under five year Plan programme in the country. Department independently organized various supportive programmes for farmers until construction of Directorate of Extension the under University. The Deparment was organized demonstrations on farmer’s fields, Agri-exhibitions at the College level & farmers gosthies at village level. Major objective of the department is to teaching; impart training and building capacity of the students to bring desirable changes in mindset, to obtain optimum and sustainable returns. Department initiated Gaon ki Oar programme for practical orientation of students in actual village situation, ICAR the apex body in field of agricultural education and research appreciated the initiative a lot and inline to the programme, Lab to Land and Student READY/ RAWE programmes were introduced with experiential learning module. Presently department is running Undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph.D. Courses.

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  • To improve the quality of life and well being of individuals and communities through high quality teaching, research, extension and outreach programme that communicate crucial information for agricultural sciences and human performance.


  • To carry out basic, applied and strategic researches in areas of extension education.
  • To carry out post graduate and doctoral degree programme that could meet trained man power demand of the government sector specially agriculture universities, research institutes and other developmental departments and agencies.
  • To carry out advanced trainings for imparting knowledge and desired skills among farming community for their social and economic up gradation.
  • To render supportive and advisory services to the students and farmers as well for better output.
  • To provide expert support and advice to the extension activities conducted by the university.
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Faculty profile

Staff position

Sl. No. Post Sanctioned Vacant
1 Professor 01 01
2 Associate Professor 01 01
3 Assistant Professor 06 03
4 Non-Technical  (Clerical) 05
5 Group-D 07
6 Artist 01 01
7 Driver 01
Sl. No. Name Designation Remarks
1 Dr. Sangeeta Gupta Assistant Professor Attached College of Community Science
3 Sri. Surendra Singh Driver Attached in Transport office
Sl. No. Name Designation Remarks
Non-Technical (Clerical)
5 Sri. Om Prakash Steno Attached in VC office
6 Smt. Neeru Awasthi Senior Assistant
7 Sri. Radha Mohan Senior Assistant
8 Sri. Jai Prakash Senior Assistant
9 Smt. Ranjana Kamal Junior Assistant Attached College of Community Science
Sl. No. Name Designation Remarks
10 Sri. Govind Singh Peon
11 Sri. Shyam Lal Attendant
12 Sri. Ramesh Attendant
13 Smt. Prema Devi Cleaner
14 Sri. Moti Lal Attendant Attached in Univ. Museum
15 Sri. Meva Lal Peon
16 Sri. Naval Yadav Ardali Attached in Security Office

B.Sc.(Hon’s) Agricultural Extension

SR. NO. Course Code  COURSE TITLE & CREDITS Name of Teachers
1. AEX -111 Comprehension &Communication Skills in English(Gradial Course), 2(1+1) Smt. Geet Shikha

(Guest Faculty)

2. AEX- 112 Rural Sociology & Educational Psychology

 , 2(2+0)

Dr.Shashi Prabha Chauhan
3. AEX- 113 Human Values & Ethics ( Non-Gradial)


Dr.Shashi  Prabha Chauhan
1. AEX -121 Fundamentals of Agricultural Extension Education,3 (2+1) Dr.A.K.Singh
2. AEX- 122 Communication Skills and Personality Development , 2(1+1) Dr.O.P.Yadav
5th Semester AEX-311 Entrepreneurship Development and

 Business Communication

6 SEMESTER UGE-324 Agricultural Journalism( Elective Course) Dr.A.K.Singh
7 TH SEMESTER Student READY/ RAWE Programme,3(2+1)
1. AEX -411 Student READY/RAWE,14(0+14) Jointly Carry through different department Staff
2. AEX -412 Agro-Based Industrial Attachment,6( 0+6)
 Total Credits=33

M.Sc.(Ag) Agricultural Extension

SR. NO. Course Code  COURSE TITLE & CREDITS Name of Teachers
1. AEX-501 Development perspectives of Extension Education 2(1+1) Dr. A. K. Singh
2. AEX-502 Development Communication and Information Management 3(2+1) Dr. O. P. Yadav
1. AEX-504 Research Methods in Behavioral Science 3(2+1) Dr. O. P. Yadav
2. AEX-507 Human Resource Development 3(2+1) Dr. A. K. Singh
3rd Semester AEX-503 Diffusion and Adoption of Innovations 3(2+1) Dr. A. K. Singh
1. AEX-503 Diffusion and Adoption of Innovations3(2+1) Dr. A. K. Singh
2. AEX-506 Entrepreneurship Development and Management in Extension 3(2+1) Dr. O.P. Yadav
4th Semester AEX-505 e-Extension 3(2+1) Dr. A. K. Singh
2. AEX-591 Master’s Seminar 1(1+0) All the Teachers of Department
AEX-599 Master’s Research(Thesis) 20(0+20)
Total Credit = 44

Ph.D. Agricultural Extension

S.No. Code Course Title Credits Name of Teachers
1ST  SEMESTER Major Courses
1. AEX-602 Agricultural Journalism 2(1+1) Dr. A. K. Singh
2. AEX-604 Training for Human Resources Development 3(2+1) Dr. O. P. Yadav
2nd SEMESTER Major Courses
1. AEX-601 Managerial Skills for Extension Professionals 2(1+1) Dr. A. K. Singh
2. AEX-603 Visual and Graphic Communication 2(1+1) Dr. O. P. Yadav
3rd Semester Major Courses
1. AEX-605 Advance Techniques of  Social Research 3(2+1) Dr. A. K. Singh
2. AEX-606 Psychometric methods in Extension 3(2+1) Dr. O. P. Yadav
4th Semester
1. AEX-699 Seminar 1(0+1) All the advisory committee
2 Thesis 45
                                  Grand Total 71
Sr. No. Name of the Students ID NO. Thesis Title Major Advisor Seminar Date
1. Twinkle Verma CA-10754/18 Study on Knowledge and adoption on soil and water conservation practices by farmers in dist. Varanasi (UP) Dr. S. R. Yadav 26.10.2020
2. Arvind Kumar CA-10759/18 Study on impact of vocational Training conducted by KVKs on income generation in dist. Pratapgarh UP. Dr. A. K. Singh 26.10.2020
3. Nayan Jagdish Gaveare CA-10040/18 Study on awareness of cotton growing farmers regarding effect of agro chemicals on human health in dist. Beed, Maharashtra Dr. R. B. Singh 26.10.2020
4. Birendra Pratap CA-10760/18 A Study on use of  mobile phone by the farmers in Balrampur Dist. UP. Dr. A. K. Singh 27.10.2020
5. Munesh CA-10761/18 Study on assignment of adoption gap in sugarcane in crop practices in dist. Hardoi, UP Dr. S. R. Yadav 27.10.2020


Head of Department
Dr. Munish Kumar
Name : Dr.Sangeeta Gupta
Date of Birth :
Designation : Assistant Professor
College Department : C.S.Azad University of Agri. & Tech., Kanpur
Agril. Extension
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S. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Harishchandra Professor