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Chandra Shekhar Azad University of Agriculture & Technology, Kanpur came into existence in 1975, a premier Agriculture Institution of the nation serving since 1893. It has glorious past and has been able to maintain meritorious records of research, teaching and extension education since its inception. The University has huge catchment area, spread over in 22 districts (Kanpur Nagar, Kanpur Dehat, Auraiya, Etawah, Farrukhabad, Kannauj, Mainpuri, Etah, Agra, Firozabad, Mathura, Aligarh, Hathras, Kasganj, Hardoi, Sitapur, Lucknow, Lakhimpur Kheri, Unnao, Raebareli, Fatehpur & Kaushambi) & five commissionaires (Kanpur, Lucknow, Allahabad, Agra & Aligarh) of Uttar Pradesh which covers two agro-climatic zones of UP (South Western Semi-Arid & Central Plain) with major mandates “Making provision for the education of rural people of Uttar Pradesh in different branches of agriculture, including rural industry and business and other allied subjects, furthering the frontiers of research in agriculture and allied sciences; and for undertaking field and extension programmes in its service area”. University is committed to continuous improvement in agriculture and allied sectors by developing quality manpower, providing relevant production technologies & dissemination of technologies to the farmers fields through agricultural education, research and extension approaches with a view to prove excellence in areas of concern.
National Agricultural Higher Education Project provides opportunity to strengthen the national higher education system in the country with overall objective to provide more relevant & high quality education to the students of State Agricultural Universities (SAUs). Raising the teaching & research standards through improved research and teaching infrastructures & enhanced faculty competency and commitments, making agricultural education more attractive to students, Indian Council of agricultural Research, New Delhi has sanctioned a project entitled “Centre for advanced Agricultural Science & Technology on Nutritional Crops ”to the University with objectives;

  1. Scaling up the capacity building of the faculty enhancing their research and teaching capabilities to impart advance knowledge to P.G students in area of nutritional Crops;
  2. To provide advance technical trainings/ exposure visit to post graduate students at national agricultural institutes/ organization for up gradation of skills to make them industry ready and next generation researches;
  3. To develop a “Knowledge Hub on Nutritional Crop” at National Level, As an advance training centre to upgrade knowledge and skills of various stakeholder through the certificate courses for development of human resources enabling them for agri-entrepreneurship and industry ready, and
  4. To develop Vibrant Linkages with national/ international/ private organizations for Sharing of Knowledge, promoting innovations and speeding up transfer of technology to end users.
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Dr. H.G Prakash : Director Agricultural Experiment Station
Faculty :
Dr/Professor H.G. Prakash
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Director Research
Directorate of Research
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Phone : 0512 2534128
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Mobile : 9412156124
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Ensuing programs

S. No. Title of Proposed programme Physical Targets (No.) Beneficiaries (No.)
1. Nutritional Technology & Environmental Advances in the use of Enzymes in Food Products One day 50
2. Advance Technologies Shaping the Future of Fruits & Vegetables Two days 50
3. Safety and Quality of Fresh Fruits & Vegetables or Farmer training in off Season vegetable Effect on income in India One day 50
4. Technological Intervention in the processing of Fruits & Vegetables or Analysis of enzyme from vegetable waste Two days 50
5. National training on Strategies for sustainable food security in current situation One day 50
6. National training on food quality & management system Two days 50
7. Workshops on Social theme/concepts for Socially and economically weak students One day 100
8. Workshop/Lectures for promoting placement and generating awareness One day 100
9. Skill training on enhancement of communication and presentation skills of the weak students One day 100
10. Language courses for improvement in language competency One day 100
11. Grievance Redness Mechanism (GRM) display board and boxes 02 sets
12. Sanitary napkins vending and disposal machine for female students 03+03
13. National/International Webinar One day 500
14. National/International Training One day 500
15. Quiz/Essay competition One day 350
16. Preparation of Training Manual Two days 200
17. Preparation of Practical Manual Two days 500
18. Farmers Scientist Interface Two days 400
Total   3150
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Speaker 2020-21

Dr. M.S. Yadav, Head, Soil Resource Division, Remote Sensing Application Centre, Lucknow Uttar Pradesh
Dr. Rashmi Yadav ICAR-NBPGR, New Delhi
Dr. A.K. Singh,
Dr. Aman Anand University of Minnesota, USA
Dr. Anil Kumar Director Education RLBCAU, Jhansi
Dr. Anuradha Dutta GBPUA&T, Pantnagar
Dr. Aruna C Reddy ICAR-IIMR, Hyderabad
Dr. B Dayakar Rao ICAR-IIMR, Hyderabad
Dr. Bhagmal Ex-Coordinator South Asia Biodiversity International
Dr. D C Joshi ICAR-VPKAS Almora
Dr. D K Yadav ADG (Seeds), ICAR, New Delhi
Dr. Deepa H Dwivedi BBA Central University, Lucknow
Dr. Deepak Lal, Head, Centre For Geospatial Technologies, Sam Higginbottom University of Agriculture, Technology & Sciences, Prayagraj
Dr. Dhirendra Singh Jt. Director (VRC), GBPUA&T, Pantnagar
Dr. Dipayan Sarkar North Dakota State University, Fargo, USA
Dr. J C Rana Coordinator South Asia Biodiversity International Alliance
Dr. Jitendra Singh,
Dr. Justin George K Scientist/Engineer – SD Agriculture and Soils Department (ASD) Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS) ISRO, Dept. of Space, Dehradun
Dr. K V Peter Director World Noni Research Foundation, India
Dr. Manoranjan Dutta Ex Head, NBPGR, New Delhi
Dr. Rajeev K Varshney ICRISAT Hyderabad
Dr. Rakesh ICAR-IIVR, Varanasi
Dr. S K Chaturvedi Dean Agriculture RLBCAU, Jhansi
Dr. Sanjay K Dwivedi Director DRL-DRDO, Tezpur, Assam
Dr. Santanu Kumar Dubey, ATARI Kanpur
Dr. Shweta CSAUAT, Kanpur
Dr. Vijay K Yadav Director ICAR-IGFRI, Jhansi
Dr. Vipul Kumar Parekh Navsari Agricultural University, Navsari
Dr., Tanveer Alam SKUAST-K, Shri Nagar
Dr. A.K. Singh Director, ICAR-IARI, New Delhi
Dr. Ajanta Bihari PS, NRC-IPM New Delhi
Dr. Ajaz Malik Scientist, SKUAST-K, Shri Nagar
Dr. Ajeet Singh Nain, Director Experiment Station, G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology Pantnagar
Dr. Alka Joshi
Dr. Anand Kishor
Dr. Anant Bahadur P.S. ICAR-IIVR, Varanashi
Dr. Anurag Singh Scientist ,NIFTEM, Sonepat
Dr. Arvind nath singh Director icar IISS Mou (UP)
Dr. Ashish Ratn Mishra, Associate Professor Centre for Geospatial Technologies,Vaugh lnstitute of Agricultural Engineering & Technology,SHUATS, Prayagraj
Dr. Awani Kumar Singh Principal Scientist, ICAR-IARI, New Delhi
Dr. B. Kumar, Ex-Professor, Scholar-In-Residence, RPCAU, Pusa, Bihar
Dr. B. S. Tomar Head, Division of Veg. Science, IARI, New Delhi
Dr. B.B. Borse Scientist ,CFTRI- Mysore
Dr. B.K. Alka Raj Yog Teacher, Psychologist& Counselor,
Dr. B.P. Mallikarjuna Swamy IRRI, Philippines
Dr. Balraj Singh Former VC & PC,Honeybee, ICAR, New Delhi
Dr. Basave Gowda, UAS raipur karnataka
Dr. Brahma Singh, Padma Shri, Former Director, DRDO
Dr. C. S. Murthy Group Director, Agriculture Science & Applications Group NRSC, ISRO/DOS, Govt. of India
Dr. C.N. Neeraja ICAR-IIRR, Hyderabad
Dr. D. K. Singh Prof. Dept of Vegetable Science, GBPUA&T, Pantnagar
Dr. D.K. Agarwal Director, ICAR-IISS, Mau
Dr. Dev Singh,
Dr. Dinesh Yadav DDU University Gorakhpur
Dr. DK Singh Professor division of agril. Engineering and Principle Scientist Water Technology Centre ICAR- IARI New Delhi
Dr. DK Yadav ADG Seed ICAR New Delhi
Dr. Dwijesh C. Mishra Senior Scientest , ICAR-IASRI new delhi
Dr. G.P. Dixit PC,Chickpea, ICAR-IIPR, Kanpur
Dr. Ganasoundari Adikesavan (3 Lectures) Thesis Support Expert, Founder and Managing Editor, Rehoboth Academic Services.
Dr. I.P. Singh PC, Pigeonpea, ICAR-IIPR, Kanpur
Dr. Indramani mishra Head division of agri. engineering IARI
Dr. Jaswant Singh,
Dr. Juhi Pandhari Pandey,
Dr. K. K. Chaturvedi Senior Scientest , ICAR-IASRI new delhi
Dr. K.V Sripathy Scientist ICAR IISS Mou (UP)
Dr. Kripa Shankar Proff. Depatmnet of Entomology, CSAUA&T, Kanpur
Dr. Lakshmi Mantha Assistant Professor, Osmania University, Hyderabad
Dr. Mahendra Mishra, Department of Botany,
Dr. Malvika Dadlani, Ex-JDR IARI New Delhi
Dr. Masood Ali Former Director,ICAR-IIPR, Kanpur
Dr. N. P. Singh, Member, CACP
Dr. N.P. Singh Director, ICAR-IIPR, Kanpur
Dr. P. Krishnan Principle scientist ICAR-NAARM Hyderabad
Dr. P. Krishnan, Head & Principal Scientist, Division of Agricultural Physics, IARI, New Delhi
Dr. P. M. Singh Principal Scientist, ICAR-IIVR, Varanai
Dr. P.P. Gothwal, Scientist,CFTRI, Lucknow
Dr. PM Gaur Chickpea Breeder, ICRISAT,Haydrabad
Dr. Poonam Mishra
Dr. Prasoon Verma Scientist IIPR, Kanpur
Dr. R Hanchinal Ex. Chairman, PPV& FR New Delhi
Dr. R. K. Dhall Principal Scientist, Vegetable Science, PAU, Ludhiana
Dr. R.K. Chodhury, Ex-P.C, NSP (BSP) Project
Dr. R.M. Sundarum IIRR, Hyderabad
Dr. R.R. Hanchinal, Ex-chairman of PPV& FR authority New Delhi
Dr. R.S. Dwivedi
Dr. Rajeev K. Varshney ICRISAT, Hyderabad, India
Dr. Rajeev Srivastava Former Head, Div. of Remote Sensing Application, ICAR-NBSSLUP, Nagpur
Dr. Rajinder Singh Principal Scientist, Vegetable Science, PAU, Ludhiana
Dr. Rajiv Kumar Singh Principal Scientist, ICAR-IARI, New Delhi
Dr. Ram Krishnan M. Nair Global Plant Breeder, WVC,ICRISAT, Haydrabad
Dr. Rana Pratap Singh
Dr. Ranjit Kumar Head business management NAARM Hyderabad
Dr. Ravi Prakash Saini, Scientist ICAR-IGFRI, Jhansi (U.P.)
Dr. Ritesh Vijay
Dr. S Rajendra Prasad VC, UAS Bangalore (Karnataka)
Dr. S. Anand Dr. Vasudha Sharma
Dr. S. K. Goyal
Dr. S. Rajendra Prasad, V.C. UAS, Bangaluru
Dr. S.R. Mishra,
Dr. Satendra Kumar Mangrauthia ICAR-IIRR, Hyderabad
Dr. Shrawan Singh Sirowa ICAR-Indian Agricultural Research Institute
Dr. Shreenivasa Rao,Scientist ,NIN, Hyderabad
Dr. Smriti Mall
Dr. Suresh Chandra
Dr. T Chaubey Principal Scientist, ICAR-IIVR, Varanai
Dr. Vasudha Sharma Scientist,Jamia Millia Ismilia, University, New Delhi
Dr. Vijay Kumar Kurnalliker Asst. Professor UAS Raichur Karnataka
Dr.S. Ananad, Scientist,IIFPT, Thanjavur
Er. Amit Sinha, Scientist-SE, Remote Sensing Application Centre, Lucknow
Er. Durga Shankar Bunkar
Er. Utkarsh Kumar, Scientist, ICAR- VPKAS, Almora
Kr Dubey ICAR-IIVR, Varanasi
Mr. Kartik Saprey
Prof. Disna Ratnasekera University of Ruhuna Sri Lanka
Prof. G.S. Gupta
Santoshi Mishra Geetanjali Arora
Shefali Raj Managing Director PSIT Kanpur
Shri Ajay Kumar Singh
Shri Munish, Shri Heera Lal,
Shri Prabhutt Sahu,
Shri Ram Kumar Rai,
Shri Sardul Vikam Chaudhari,
Shri Shurabh Kumar Agrawal,
Smt. Anushka Kajbaje

Associated Team of the scientists:

S.No. Name of Scientists Department
  Dr. Karam Husain Agronomy
  Dr. Ved Ratan Plant Pathology
  Dr. S.K. Biswas Plant Pathology
  Prof. Munish Kumar Soil Conservation and Water Management
  Dr. S.K. Gupta Genetics and Plant Breeding
  Dr. R.K. Yadav Genetics and Plant Breeding
  Dr. Mahak Singh Genetics and Plant Breeding
  Dr. Arvind Kumar Srivastava Genetics and Plant Breeding
  Dr. Shweta Genetics and Plant Breeding
  Dr. C.P. Sachan Seed Science & Technology
  Dr. R. P. Vyas Genetics & Plant Breeding
  Dr. Dharm Raj Singh Entomology
  Dr. D.D. Yadav Agronomy
  Dr. Dhananjay Singh Agronomy
  Dr. Ajay Kumar Dubey Vegetable Science
  Dr. Sanjiv Kumar Agronomy
  Dr. A.L. Jatav Seed Science & Technology
  Dr. R.A. Yadav Agronomy
  Dr. V.K. Yadav Genetics & Plant Breeding
  Dr. H.C. Singh Agriculture Extension
  Dr. Akhilesh Mishra Agronomy
  Dr. Sarvesh Kumar Soil Conservation and Water Management
  Dr. Ashish Kumar Srivastava Agronomy
  Dr. Naushad Khan Agronomy
  Dr. V.K.Tripathi Horticulture
  Dr. Kaushal Kumar Soil Conservation and Water Management
  Dr. Devendra Singh Soil Science & Agril. Chemistry
  Dr. M.R. Dabbas Plant Pathology
  Dr. K.P. Singh Genetics & Plant Breeding
  Dr. H.C. Singh Genetics & Plant Breeding
  Dr. Ram Batuk Singh Directorate of Extension
  Dr. Sanjay Singh Genetics & Plant Breeding
  Dr. Nand Kumar Agril. Biochemistry
  Dr. S.D. Dubey Soil Science & Agril. Chemistry
  Dr. Khalil Khan Soil Science & Agril. Chemistry
  Dr. V.P. Jaiswal Agronomy
  Dr. Manoj Katiyar Genetics & Plant Breeding
  Dr. I.N. Shukla Vegetable
  Dr. R.K. Pal Entomology
  Dr. R.K. Pandey Agricultural Economics
  Dr. Mohd. Shamim Agricultural Economics
  Dr. Rajiv Vegetable Science
  Dr. Mithlesh Verma Extension (Social Science)
  Dr Archana Singh Home Science
  Dr Sanjive Kumar Singh Vegetable Science
  Dr V.K. Verma Agronomy
  Dr Bhoopendra Kumar Singh Vegetable Pathology
  Dr Manoj Mishra Crop Physiology
  Dr P.K. Singh Genetics & Plant Breeding
S.No. Name & Department Place of Training Training Period View Dettail
  Mr Jagdish Prasad Chaurasiya, Ph.D. Scholar
Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding
CIMMYT, Mexico March 09, 2020 to June 15, 2020 View Detail
  Mr Kuldeep Yadav, Ph.D. Scholar

Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding

CIMMYT, Mexico March 09, 2020 to June 15, 2020 View Detail
  Crossing Data Book (Application) View Detail