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  • Nodal Officer Environment Safety


Mr. Manendra Singh was born on 17th May 1963 in district Fatehpur of Uttar Pradesh. He is a Post Graduate and also obtained a degree in Printing Technology from Northern Regional Institute of Printing Technology, Allahabad in 1987. Presently, he is working as the as the Estate Officer, he is also made the Nodal Officer of Environment Safeguard under the CAAST Scheme (NAHEP). He has worked continuously towards the maintenance of the flora across the campus, thus ensuring a healthy, green and clean environment in the campus. During his tenure, he has organized and managed several plantation drives contributing a total of around 14000 plants and trees across the campus and also initiated the ‘tree-ambulance’. He has also a played a significant role in the field of water management in the campus by assisting in the setting up of rainwater harvesting units in 10 newly-established buildings ranging from hostels, labs and offices; initiating ‘water-ambulance’ and ‘water-rain-gun’ for efficient irrigation. In the field of waste management, he helped in setting up of vermi-compost units in several places across the campus. His contribution towards energy conservation in the campus has been in managing the setup of solar lights across the entire campus. He has also worked towards ensuring a cleaner campus, both in terms of cleanliness (by placing 200 dust-bins across the campus) and also in terms of sustainability by helping in the making the campus polythene-free. He was also in the management teams of a number of workshops conducted in the campus for the campus residents to spread awareness about the benefits of a healthier environment. He is working actively in the field and has a vision of making a better, cleaner and healthier campus for the generations to come.