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Central Library
Dr. Seema Sonkar (Officer Incharge)

The Central Library of the University was established in the year 1907 as College of Agriculture  Library  which was, named in 1967 as Institute of Agriculture Sciences Library. Final, it was named as Central Library . It has good collection of valuable  and rare literature of books, periodicals,thesis, journals,subjective and competitive magazines,reports, bulletins , encyclopedias, maps gazetters, dictionaries, agriculture statistical records and complementary gifts exchange etc.

The Central Library is mandate to increase uses of Agricultural Resources in Agriculture teaching, research and extension services. The Central Library is Digital library Infrastructure facilities viz, computers with the latest configuration, internet facility, online printers, scanners etc, are fully strengthened in the libraries to utilize the electronic resources for the improverment of academic and research programmers. The Central Library is a member of CeRA  (Consortium for e-resources in agriculture. CeRA is providing access more than 3500 Journals in Agriculture. Moreover, Library activities like acquisition, circulation, searching etc are carried out with Softgranth Library Automation Software. The  Digitalization process of Central Library is in progress. About 81384 books, journals and theses have been automated with barcode facilities.

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    Entry  Counter Circulation counter
 Book reading hall for student Student reaeding newspaper
Computer room  Thesis section
Current and Old Journal Section Students are preparing for competitive examinaiton 
Book Binding section

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Mandate –

  • Act as a biggest hub of Information for Agriculture and allied fields .
  • Create excellence in information management services .
  • Provide Library and Information services to its members & users.
  • Build up Repository of Information services on mandatory subjects.
  • Develop a Computerize database of Agriculture, Home Science ,Animal husbandary and Dairy Technology and Forestry.
  • Create digital and virtual library .
  • Develop a excellence in library at International level.

Objective – The main objective of the Central Library are to develop and promote Information resources to students, faculty, researchers, scientists, trainees and Agricultural officers both in conventional and electronic form .


Books & Periodicals Procurement
During 2000-01, 978 books and 21 foreign periodicals, 53 Indian periodicals and during 2001-02, 1000 books and 21 foreign periodicals and 45+5 (Agroforestry) periodicals have been procured by the library.

News Papers and Magazines
This Library procures 12 newspapers – 6 in Hindi and 6 in English. It also subscribes to 23 competitive magazines for the benefit of our students. Many complimentary and free copies of newspapers, magazines, pamphlets etc. regularly come in the library, and are properly displayed for the readers.


  • Library Bindery: Binding of Periodicals and Books particularly of the old rare literature is most essential; therefore the binding and repairing of books journals and other literature is regular feature. 510 of the old literature/books/theses have been boundedin the Central Library .
  • Purchase of books : A total number of books ( 80 ) were purchased by the central library during the year. Techincal works of classification and catalouging and dada entry were made for all those books.
  • Awareness programme on CeRA:The Central Library has organized awareness programme on CeRA ON 24-09-2020 with participating of 150 UG/PG/PHD Students and faculty members.
  • Purchase of journals : A total number of  journals( 89  )were purchased by the central library during the year. Techincal works of classification and catalouging and dada entry were made for all those journals.
  • Collection of fine : Total collecton of fine Rs 21908 was collected from the late fees of books during the year.
  • Central Library Committee Meeting: In-charge Library  has organized Central Library Committee Meeting on 12-10-2020  for the Digitalization and Modification of Central Library.

Facilities available in the library 

  • Central library is in the process of its digitalization .The database of 81384 of books, journals & thesis including Bar- Coding has been created and facilitated to the students in quick search of their desired literature.
  • The Central Library procures 12 newspapers-6 in Hindi and 6 in English. It also subscribes to 10 new competitive magazines for the benefit of students.
  • Many complimentary and free copies of newspapers , magazines, pamphlets etc. regularly come in the library and are properly displayed for the readers.
  • Online journal/ resources: CeRA – Consortium for e-Resources in Agriculture is a repository of e-Resources provided by the ICAR. CeRA is providing access more than 3500 Journals in Agriculture.
  • Circulation: Central Library is providing related facilities to 230-250 readers visited daily including students ,teachers and other staff members . A Member may have a maximum of two book checkout in their name at any time .The books are issued out for maximum of two week and then they may be renewed if no reservation on the items indicated . Consultancy/ facilities are also allowed to many of outside readers on recommendations from their institution.
  • Photocopy: A photocopy machine will be available in the library all time for use of the faculty and library staff.
  • Inter Library Loan: This facility depend on the recommendation of other institution like National Sugar Institute , HBTU Kanpur and other Institution/ Colleges etc. To many students who have been allowed to attend the library under resource sharing.
  • Role of the Library staff in helping users: During normal working hours the Librarian and other library staff will assist the users. They will also assist in obtaining necessary reference material for individual users  from other institutions.

Reference Section

Being one of the oldest library, it is full of various types of reference sources like encyclopaedias, various types of dictionaries, gazetteers, Agricultural and Statistical records/reports etc. At present we are providing oral reference service to at least 15-20 persons daily.

Working Hours 9.00 AM to 7.00 PM
Library Membership Teachers & Scientist 539
Supporting Staff 310
Students 1242
Others 146
Photocopy Facility Available
Acquisition Programme New text books and periodicals are being entered in TLSS software along with manual accessioning
CD ROM work station Free consultancy available on CAB, AGRIS, VET, BIOTECH and current contents on Agriculture Biology & Environmental science etc.
ORPAC creation 45049 documents created and rest documents are in process of creation.
Digitization Process 963 Thesis have digitized and are in use.
E-tools consultancy figure in 2007-08 1. M.Sc./Ph.D. -2400
2. Staff -84
Search and Retrive facility Internet enabled library with 30 clients Computer
General collection up to 2007-08 Books and Periodicals -75129
Thesis -4931
CD ROM -133
HRD Books -2565
MBA Books -419

Collection : The Central Library possesses around 81384 books. These books are very valuable and helpful in studies , research and preparation for competitive examinations. It provides 20 Indian and 5 foreign journals and around 10000 back volumes.

3- Resources available during the year of report

Particulars Number
Genral Collection  
Total Books (Print materials) available 81384
Book purchased during (2019-2020) 80
Periodicals subscribed 89
Free publication including annual reports 56
Foreign 5
Magazine 10
Total no. of thesis received 367
College of Agriculture 359
College of Home Science 8
Availability of News Papers 12
CD 360


B. Circulation Figure
Genral books
Issued 2778
Returned 2756
C.Consultation NIL
No. of Students visited 10047
No. of outsiders visited 40
No. of students consulted literature on computer NIL




§  Circulation §  Food for Thought (via – e-mail)
§  Reprogrphy §  New Arrivals
§  Reference §  News Papers and Periodicals
§  Document Delivery Request ( CeRA)


§  Digitization
§  Inter Library Loan §  Electronic resources

( databases, journals, e- books etc)

§  Online Catalogue §  Technical Support
§  News Clipping §  Teaching and Training
§  Question Papers (online)



4- Staff Of Central Library


S.No Name  Disignation/Post
1 Mr.Irfan Rja Noori Sr. clerk
2 Mr.Abhishek Singh Jr.clerk
3 Mr.Vinod Babu Assit. Lib
4 Mr.Imran Khan Catalouger
5 Mr.Ram Ashrey Yadav Sorter
6 Mr.Ram Babu Sorter
7 Mr.Amar Singh Pal Sorter
8 Mr. Rajendra Prashad Sorter
9 Mr.Ashok . K. Yadav Book Binder
10 Mr. Subash chandra Servant
11 Mr.Virendra Singh Servant
12 Mr.Rakesh kumar Pandey Attendent
13 Mr. Suresh chandra Daftari
14 Mr.Suraj Prashad Watchman
  Associated staff
1 Mr.Ram Pal Yadav TelephoneAttendent
2 Mr.Jai Chand Lab Attendant
3 Mr.Gauri Shanker Sweeper
4 Mr.Sudhir kumar Lab Attendant
5 Mr.Ram Narayan Gardner
6 Mr.Mangal Prashad Field Attendent