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About Department

The department of Seed Science and Technology was established in the year, 1984 with the name seed technology and renamed in the present name in the year (2002). Prior to this it was a State Seed Testing laboratory of Govt. of U.P. established in 1963 and working under the administrative control of the Economic Botanist (Rabi cereal), Kanpur. This laboratory was rendering custom services for testing of seed for purity, germination, moisture, seed health and varietal identification through electrophoresis and other chemicals.

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  • Imparting the quality education to prepare students of B.Sc. (Ag.) Hons, B.Sc. ( Forestry), M.Sc. (Ag.) and Ph.D. degree in Seed Science and Technology having diversified personality to cope the modern challenges.
  • To conducting research on Seed Production, Seed Certification, Seed Physiology, Storage and Testing, Seed Pathology, Seed Entomology, Seed Processing and Seed marketing of different field crops for improving their productivity.


The department imparts teaching at the B.Sc. (Ag.) Hons., B.Sc.(Forestry), M.Sc.(Ag.) and Ph.D. level programmes. At Master level 6 and Ph.D. level 2 students are admitted every year. At U.G. level teaching imparted for three courses of B.Sc. (Ag.) Hons. and one course of B.Sc. (Forestry). Besides teaching, the M.Sc. (Ag.) and Ph.D. students are also being guided by the competent faculty of the department for the thesis research programmes.

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Alumni of the Department become stalwarts nationally and internationally

The department has proud of having produced many brilliant students who had/have been heading top institutions / departments/ universities of the country and serving the science of plant pathology. To name a few are Drs Y.L. Nene, R. S. Singh, Kishan Singh, Akhtar Hussain, K. D. Parahia, B.B. Nagiach, Amerika Singh, D.V. Singh, Sita Ram Misra, R.P.Singh and Ram Nath. Dr. Ram Nath became the Vice Chancellor of the University and Dr. R. P. Singh is serving as Virologist in Research Station, Frediction, Canada.
Student placement: During last seven years, 23 students were awarded Ph.D. degree and all of them got employments. Dr. A. K. Sinha became ARS.

Table 7: List of students got placement during last seven years

S. No. Name of the student Placement
1. Dr, Prashant Misra S. B.Patel Agriculture University, Modipuram, Merrut
2. Ram Khelawan Maurya Administrative Officer, Govt. Hospital, Sitapur
3. Ramesh Singh Lecturer, T. D.College Jaunpur
4. Dr. R. K. Dey Sr. Scientist, Jute Research Institute, Barrakpur
5. Dr. Pradeep Kumar Cane Development Inspector, U.P.Govt.
6. Dr. Anil Kumar Singh SMS, KKV, Jabalpur
7. Dr. Narendra Singh Asstt. Prof., Oilseeds Section, CSAUA&T, Kanpur
8. Dr. Rakesh Kumar Prajapati R.A., IIPR, Kalyanpur, Kanpur
9. Dr. Dr. Ram Palat SMS, Plant Protection, KVK, Fatehpur
10. Dr. Kuwar Singh Lecturer, Merrut
11. Dr. Ajit Singh Asstt. Prof., Indira Gandhi Agric. Univ., Raipur, M.P.
12. Dr. Bhupendra Singh SMS, KVK, Kannauj
13. Dr. Chet Ram Prajapati Sugarcane Development Officer
14 Dr.Gireesh Chand SMS, KVK,Ballia NDUA&T, Faizabad
15. Dr. Chandra Mohan Sharma Development Officer, Dena Bank
16 Dr. Pinky Rani Development Officer, SBI
17. Dr. Bipin Kumar Dhanuka
18. Dr.Rakesh Kumar Gangwar Dhanuka
19 Dr. Santosh Kumar Singh Dhanuka
20 Dr.Ashok Kumar Singh Dhanuka
21 Dr. Upesh Kumar SMS, KVK, Gwalior

Fellowships/ awards achieved by the PG students

  • Two to three students used to get ICAR Junior Fellowship every year.
  • Award: Chancellor silver medal was awarded to Dr. Kumud Kumar for being the best postgraduate student among all the faculties of the Kanpur University in 1968; Chancellor Bronze Medal to Dr. Mukesh Srivastava in 1988; College Golden Jubilee Gold Medal to Dr. Dharam Raj Singh, Amerika Singh, Dr. Kumud Kumar in 1963, 1964 and 1968, respectively; Sri Sita Ram Jaipuria Gold Medal to Kumud Kumar in 1968; Gold Medal to Yogendra Singh in 1991, Sanjay Pawar in 2002, Pinky Rani in 2002; Vinay Verma Memeorial Medal to the topper of the Plant Pathology every year since its establishment.
  • Games: Twenty students including Mukesh Srivastava, Anil Kumar Singh, Bhupendra Singh, Santosh Bali Pandey, Pawan Kumar and Gajendra Pratap Singh were the members of University team in various games. Anil Kumar Singh was the University Champion during 1997.
  • NET/ARS/(NET-ICAR):Ten students have qualified the NET (UGC/ARS(NET-ICAR).

Extra-curricular activity: To promote the interaction between students and teachers a society was formed in 2004 in the department with an objective to have a better understanding between the postgraduate students and professors in a cordial environment. Under this forum two bulletins namely Chane Ke Rog aur unke upchar and Mushroom Utpadan were published during 2005 and are being sold in order to recover the expenses incurred in it. In the authors were students and staff members.

Research achievements

The research activities in the department are being carried out through various units viz., bacteriology, plant virology, plant pathology, mycology, seed pathology and nematology for finding out better and more effective eco-friendly management strategies against the disease of agricultural crops caused by plant pathogens.

A. Genetic stock of various crops is regularly screened out under natural as well as artificial condition of infection with an object to provide resistant donor for resistant breeding programme against disease and to assess the performance of released varieties. The department has provided resistant donor for developing following resistant moderately resistant varieties like in chickpea vars. Avrodhi, KWR108, Udai against root rot and wilt; wheat var. Deva against rust, var. Halna against Karnal Bunt ; barley var. Jyoti, Amber, Manjari, Haritma and Jagriti against smut and stripe disease; linseed var. Padmini and Rashmi against wilt; lentil var. Mallika against rust; field pea vars. Sapna and Swati, Rachna and Shikha against powdery mildew; pigeon pea var. KA-32-1 (Amar) and KA 91-25 (Azad) against sterility mosaic and wilt; vegetable pea Azad P-3 against powdery mildew; and paddy var. User 1 against bacterial blight and bacterial streak.

B. New chemicals and other eco-friendly methods are also screened regularly for their effectiveness in the management of plant disease caused by fungi, bacteria, viruses and nematodes.

  • General seed treatment with Thiram before sowing has been found beneficial for improving seed germinations and seedling emergence in all agricultural crops.
  • Two sprays of Improdione (0.2%) one at 5% flowering and the second at completion of flowering proved effective in checking of Alternaria blight of rapeseed and mustard.
  • A prophylactic spray with Dimethioate or methyl-o- demeton 1 litre or phosphamidon 250 ml. per hectare to check the insect vector on 21 day old crop was found to control the yellow vein mosaic and crinckle of urd and mungbean.
  • Seed treatment of groundnut with carbofuran @3g/g seed along with application of phorate @2.0Kga.i/ha proved beneficial for the control of root knot nematode.
  • Topsin M proved effective in controlling white rust of mustard.
  • Intercropping of sesame and groundnut (1:1) and soil application of phorate was found best for controlling the bud necrosis disease.
  • Seed treatment with Streptocycline (100ppm) followed by application of four sprays of Streptomycin +Blue Copper –50 (50ppm+500ppm) at 10 day intervals gave the best control of black root of mustard.
  • Topsin M as spray (0.15%) proved the must effective fungicide in controlling downy mildew and rust of pea.
  • Seed treatment with Topsin M (1g/kgseed), Apron, Jkstein (1.5g/kgseed) Bavistin 50 Bavistin 25SD (each 2g/kg seed) were found to eliminate seed borne infection of Macrophomina phaseolina in urdbean.
  • Late blight of potato was effectively controlled by spraying with a combination of Streptocycline and copper oxy chloride (15ppm+2000ppm) at 10-day interval.
  • Late sowing and tuber treatment with Emisan (0.25%) for 30 minutes were found effective in minimizing the Common Scab of potato. This disease was also effectively controlled by irrigating the potato field at 7- day interval.
  • Seed treatment with Vitavax or Bavistin 2.0g/kg seed controls of loose smut disease in wheat and barley.
  • Seed treatment with Vitavax(2g/kg seed) followed by soil drenching of Brassicol (0.2%) effectively controls root rot and seedling blight in wheat.
  • Seed treatment with Bavistin or Vitavax followed by spraying with Topsin M or Benlate (0.2%) at 10 day intervals reduced the banded blight disease in paddy.
  • Seed treatment with Bavistin, Difolatan or Captan or Indofil M 45 (each 2g/kg seed) checked seed borne pathogens responsible for reducing seed germination seedling emergence and increase germination by 1.3 to12.6% over control.
  • Soaking of seed in Difolatan 80W or Thiram or Indofil M 45 (0.2%) for at least 24 hours was found to eradicate the seed borne infection of Alternaria brassicae with increase in germination and seedling vigour in mustard.

C. Cheap and profitable production technology have been developed for the cultivation of paddy straw mush room , grown during summers and oyster (Dhingiri) and white button mushroom grown in winters by the scientist of the department. The department has been imparting training to the farmers and small entrepreneurs for the promotion of these edible mushroom production among the rural and urban populace of not only of this state like also form other states like M.P., Chhatishgarh Bihar and Jharkhand for the last 15 years thereby augmenting their income. By now more then 3000 farmers and unemployed youths and housewives have been trained free of cost. It is proposed to conduct seven six- day training programmes on it on payment basis. Through our efforts, at present 300 viable units on mushroom cultivation are on running in and aroud Kanpur city.

Mushroom Research & Development

Important facilities available in the department

The department has an excellent facility for teaching of various courses in Seed Science and Technology as required in U.G. and P.G. degree programme.

  • Experimentation :
    Excellent facilities for thesis , research work for the students are also available in all the major disciplines of Seed Science & Technology.
  • Laboratory :
    There are four well equipped laboratory in the department (Physical Purity, Germination, M.Sc., Ph.D. and Pathology Labs.) for practical, teaching and research work of students.
  • DUS Test Block :
    There are DUS test field block are available for research work of M.Sc. (Ag.) and Ph.D. students.
  • Seminar- cum-conference Room :
    There is one seminar-cum-conference room in the department for conducting the seminars of the students, meeting and other scientific conference.
  • Krishak Shabhagar :
    There are one farmer’s training centre in the department for conducting 50 farmers training in quality seed production and other related fields of Seed Science & Technology.
  • Computer facilities :
    The department has a Computer room with internet facilities. Lap top, Computer with LCD projector are also being provided in the department for effective teaching of PG students and presenting seminars. One T.V. set for running the Audio and Video cassettes of the subject matter is also available.
  • Department Library facility :
    The department has a very good collection of Latest books, journals and Thesis (M.Sc Ag. and Ph.D.). Books, journals and thesis are issued on loan basis to the students and teachers for abreacting their scientific knowledge.

Courses offered by the Department :

U.G. Courses :-

B.Sc. (Ag.) Hons : 6 credits

S. No. Course No. Course Credit hrs. Semester
1. SST-101 Principal of Seed Technology 3 (2+1) II
2. AE x 401 Rawe VII
3. AEL- 401 Seed Production Technology VIII

B.Sc. (Forestry) : 2 credits

1. FBT-201 Tree Seed Technology 2 (1+1) III
A. Major courses : M.Sc. (Ag.)
(a) Core courses :- 23 credits
S. No. Course No. Course Credit hrs. Semester
1. SST-501 Floral biology, Seed development and maturation 2 (1+1) I
2. SST-502 Principles of Seed Production 2 (2+0) I
3. SST-503 Seed Production in field crops 3 (2+1) II
4. SST-504 Seed production in vegetables 3 (2+1) III
5. SST-506 Seed legislation and certification 3 (2+1) I
6. SST-507 Seed Processing and storage 3 (2+1) IV
7. SST-508 Seed quality testing 3 (2+1) II
8. SST-509 Seed Physiology 3 (2+1) III
9. SST-600 Seminar 1 (1+0) II

(b) Optional courses : 16 credits

S. No. Course No. Course Credit hrs. Semester
1. STAT-512 Experimental designs 3 (2+1) I
2. GPB-503 Principles of Plant Breeding 3 (2+1) II
3. PPY-504 Hormonal regulation of plants and development 3 (2+1) II
4. Pl.Path-520 Plant quarantine 2 (2+0) III
5. ENT-510 Principles of integrated pest management. 2 (1+1) III

Total – 39 credits
(c) SST-600 Thesis : 20 credits
Grand Total = 59 credits

Ph.D. Courses :
(a) Majour courses : 16 credits
S. No. Course No. Course Credit hrs. Semester
1. SST-601 Seed Production 4 (3+1) I
2. SST-602 Seed Production in forage and pasture crops 2 (1+1) I
3. SST-603 Seed quality control and seed movement 2 (2+0) II
4. SST-604 Seed Senescence 2 (2+0) II
5. SST-605 Advance in Post-harvest management of seeds 3 (2+1) III
6. SST-606 Management of seed production organizations. 2 (2+0) III
7. SST-607 Seminar 1 (1+0) IV

(b) Supporting courses : 10 credits

S. No. Course No. Course Credit hrs. Semester
1. AES-609 Advanced statistics 3 (2+1) II

2. Other courses from any two departments : 7 credits
Total : 26 credits

(c) SST-700 Thesis : 45 credits
Grand Total : 71 credits

Head of the Department 
Name : Dr. C. L. Maurya
Date of Birth : 05-01-1966
Designation : Professor & Head


: College of Agriculture
Seed Science & Technology
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Mobile: +919453479077
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Name : Prof. A.L. JATAV
Date of Birth : 07-01-1962
Designation : Professor


: Agriculture College
Seed  Science &Technology
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Phone :9452527898
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Name : Dr. C.B. SinghGangwar
Date of Birth : 30.6.1965


: College of Agriculture
Seed Science & Technology
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Faculty :

S. No. Name Designation Qualification e-mail Mobile Phones.
 1 Dr. Ashrfi Lal Professor Ph.D.  9452527898
2 Dr. C.B. Singh Seed Analyst/A.S.R.O. Ph.D. 9450935223

Shining stars of the Department

S. No. Name Compleleted M.Sc. (Ag.) Position held/Achievement
1. Pankaj Kumar Pandey 1986 P.P.S (U.P.)
2. I. M. Pandey 1986 I.F.S. Ambesdor in China
3. C.B. Singh Gangwar 1986 Asstt. Professor CSAU, Kanpur
4. A. K. Dubey 1986 S.S.C.I. UPSCA, Kanpur
5. N. B. Tewari 1987 ASPO. U.P. Seed Corporation
6. V. K. Dubey 1987 ASPO, U.P. Seed Corporation
7. S.L. Bajpai 1987 Area Manager, N.S.C.
8. Ram 1987 Dy. Directo U.P. (Ag.)
9. N.P. Singh 1987 Ag. Officer Bank of India
10. Puran chand Bhatt 1988 I.T.S.
11. Darmendra  Kumar 1988 P.A.S., District Agri. Officer
12. Y.P. Singh 1988 P.A.S., District Agri. Officer
13. Ram Sajan Verma 1988 P.A.S., District Agri. Officer
14. Hans Raj 1988 R.C.S., Dy. Director (Ag.)
15. C.L. Maurya 1990 Asso. Professor, CSAU, Kanpur
16. Moh. Qasim 1990 P.C.S. ( J & K.)
17. V.P. Bajpai 1990 Asstt. Professor,CSAU, Kanpur
18. Raj Kumar 1991 A.R.S.
19. Tarun Kanaujia 1992 R.D.O. Bank
20. Kamta Patel 1992 Section Officer, Sectriate  Lucknow
21. Rakesh Gangwar 1992 D.O., L.I.C. (Faridabad)
22. Pawan Tewari 1992 M.O. Sungro Seed Co.
23. B.K. Kanaujia 1993 D.A.O. Health Deptt.
24. M.K. Nigam 1993 Tax. Superintendent, Kanpur
25. Birendra Prasad 1995 Asso. Professor,G.B.Plant Uni. Pant Nagar
26. V.K. Yadav 1995 P.C.S.(Ag) Uttanchal
27. Shiv Sevak 1995 I.R.S.
28. R.A. Katiyar 1996 Asstt. Professor, CSAU,Kanpur
29. Majoj Kumar 1997 Food Inspector
30. P.K. Nigam 1998 Asstt.Professor,CSAU, Kanpur
31. Virendra Singh 1998 Asstt. Prof. C.C. Degree College Safai
32. Paltoo Ram 1999 Asstt. Professor,CSAU, Kanpur
33. Ram Phal 2001 S.I., U.P. Police
34. Kr. J.B. Singh 2002 M.M. Pro Agro Seed
35. Mahendra Pratap Yadav 2002 N.S.R.T.C. Varanasi
36. Ashok Kumar 2003 Lecturer, Bundelkhand Uni., Jhansi
37. Manoj Kumar Singh 2003 Seed Scientist MYHCO
38. Harishkesh Kumar Singh 2003 Ministry of Information Tech., New Delhi.
39. Pankaj Kumar Singh 2003 Quality Control Manger Vibha Seed Corporation, Hydrabad
40. V.K. Mishra 2004 Agri. Officer Bank of India
41. Devi Ram 2004 Lecturer, Lalitpur
42. Neeraj Kumar Yadav 2004 Vibha Seed Company.
43. Amrendra Kumar Verma 2005 Food Corporation of India
44. Brijesh Kumar 2006 Ministry of Agri. and Cooperation , New Delhi.
45. Akhilesh Kumar 2007 Lecturer, Inter College
46. Anil Kumar 2008 Inspector, SFCI, Punjab.
47. Dharm Pal Sigh 2011 Agriculture Officer, Canara Bank
48. Divya Kumar Tripathi 2011 Community Organiser IFFCO.