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Child & Human Development

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Department of Child & Human Development


  • Human Development devoted to understanding All changes that human beings experience throughout the life span.
  • Deptt. Equip the students with necessary professional skills for various job opportunities and entrepreneurial ventures related to the field.
S. No. Name of Faculty Teachers Specialization
1.  Dr. Mukta Garg  Human Development

B.Sc. Home Science

S. No. Name of Course Code No. Credit
B.Sc. V Semester-
1. Developmental Assessment of Young Children HUD-301 4(1+3)
2. Creative Experiences for Children HUD-302 4(1+3)
3. Developing Play Materials for Children HUD-303 4(1+3)
4. Organization & Management of ECCD Programmes HUD-304 5(1+4)
5. Health Hygiene and Sanitation FSN-303 3(3+0)
B.Sc. VI Semester-
1. Reading Material for Children HUD-305 4(1+3)
2. Literature for Young Children HUD-306 4(1+3)
3. Family Counseling HUD-307 4(2+2)
4. Nutrition for Special Group FSN-307 3(3+0)
5. Audio Video Recording & Editing ECM-307 4(1+3)
B.Sc. VII Semester-
1. Industrial Attachment/Internship HUD-400 20(0+20)
B.Sc. VIII Semester-
1. Infant stimulation HUD-401 4(0+4)
2. Entrepreneurship in Child Care Services HUD-402 6(2+4)
3. Intervention Programmes for Developmentally Challenged Children HUD-403 4(0+4)
4. Organization & Management of Dramatic & Rhythmic Activities for Children HUD-404 4(0+4)
5. Family & Child Welfare HUD-405 3(3+0)
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