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About the department

Department of Human Development and Family Studies began its journey as an independent department in 1998 by the name of department of ‘Child Development’. Postgraduate program was introduced in the year 2002.Since, the scope of study and research was never restricted to a specific age group, department was renamed as ‘Human Development’ in 2004.Department is functioning with the aim to develop specialized human resources for pursue their career in the field of Human Development by discovering, assimilating, applying knowledge about life span in human Development. PhD program was incorporated in the year 2020 providing the opportunity for advanced research and empower the students to flourishingly pursue their career. Department is offering courses for various opportunities in the field of human development such as early childhood care and management, special education, student and parent counseling, psychological testing and assessment of infants, children and adults. Department has well equipped Nursery Observation Laboratory and Psychological Testing Laboratory to provide hand on tanning to students and implement the curriculum and research activities.

Prospective Plan:

Short Term Plan < 3 years

  • In order to boost the holistic development in students extra mural lectures, workshops and conferences are proposed.
  • Computer and Wi-Fi facility for the students and staff.
  • Introduction of smart classes to enhance learning experience.
  • Upgradation of study material for Under graduate and P.G Students.
  • Conduct training programs to enhance the entrepreneurship skill in the students.
  • Adaptation of U.G, P.G and Ph.D. syllabias per ICAR recommendation.
  • Introduction of certificate course in ECE.

Mid Term Plan for 3-5 years:

  • Strengthening the Nursery ObservationLaboratory.
  • Standardized Scale for child/adults testing will be developed.

Long Term  Plan>5 years

  • Establish a Day care Centre for children.
  • Establish a child study unit for assessment of development of infants and children.
  • Establish a counselling Centre for parents and children and conduct remedial /intervention programs for children.



  • Excellence in teaching through effective teaching methods
  • Enhance the academically vibrant and student friendly atmosphere.
  • Constantly improving and monitoring of syllabi
  • Development of enthusiastic specialized human resources for jobs/ entrepreneurship in various areas related to the field of human development, and make them ready to take up responsibilities accelerating the standard of living of human beings in general rural and urban families and communities in particular through teaching, research and extension.


  • Provide professional knowledge and relevant skills in the subject areas through teaching.
  • To appraise the students with different methods and techniques of assessment in Human Development and expose them to different assessment techniques throughout lifespan.
  • To facilitate holistic personality development of the students through opportunity for co-curricular program.
  • To provide the students exposure to various employment and entrepreneurial opportunities in the field of human development
  • Undertaking research related to current issues and problems.
  • Reaching out to the disadvantaged children and women, special children and their caregivers and adolescents by strengthening and expending the existing extension activities.
  • Strengthen linkage with other teaching and research institutions and professionals at all levels.


Departmental Achievements


  • 52 students have obtained M.Sc. (H. Sc) Human Development and Family Studies degree till date.
  • Alumnae of the department are working in various reputed institutions:


  • B.Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, PantNagar, Uttarakhand
  • Khwaja Moinuddin Chisthi Language University, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
  • Government P.G.College, Veer Bahadur Singh Paranuchal University, Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh
  • Ram Manohar LohiyaAvad University, Uttar Pradesh
  • Agriculture department U.P
  • TGT teachers in Government High school
  • A Nursery Observation Laboratory is functioning under the department for last 20 years
  • Experts from various fields like special education, medicine, social welfare are invited to deliver lectures or hold discussion on different topics.
  • Counseling sessions and Parent Education Program are organized under the department to aware the parents to use early intervention for arresting developmental delay, handing behavioral problems, and inculcate the feeling of self confidence in children and adolescents.
  • Various competitions are organized by the department to encourage students to develop their ideas and skills, also provides a chance for participants to gain sustainable experiences.


 Research Areas

  • Early Childhood care and education
  • Adolescents Development, problems, gender issuesand parent-adolescent relationship
  • Assessment of developmentally challenged children
  • Psychosocial issues during life span
  • Marriage and Family Dynamics studies
  • Home environment and its effect on children and adolescents

Recommendations Emerged

  • Parents Education Program should be organized to sensitize them about the importance of preschool education.
  • ‘Women rights education’ should be included in the curriculum and parents should also be oriented about ‘Women rights education’ so as to make their daughters aware.
  • Parent education program should be organized by the expert to enlighten parents regarding positive parenting practices.
  • Parents should be encouraged to develop healthy and enriched environment at home so that children and adolescents can become self-confident, self-dependent and responsible person of the society


  • Seven under graduate and two post graduate practical manuals have been prepared by the faculty members
  • 45 research papers have been published in leading journals.
  • 10 popular articles have been published so far in different newspapers and magazine.
  • conference articles-2,book-1, booklet-1and 6 handouts and pamphlets have been published

Extension Activities:

  • Department also extends services through home visits. Home visits are conducted in Jeora, Pahlwanpurava and in CSA campus to provide home stimulation to mothers, impart knowledge about immunization and importance of Pre -school education. It plays a major role in imparting skills to provide intervention to children.
  • MahilaGosthi on ‘Women Education’ was organized in Jeora Village.
  • Free fun activities, storytelling,children competitions arebeing conducted by the department.
  • Awareness program on ‘Neonatal care and vaccination’ was organized in university adopted village Anooppur.
  • Faculty members delivered lectures as resource person in different Seminars and training programs organized by CSJM University Kanpur, KMC language university Lucknow, NIPCCD Lucknow and Directorate of Extension, CSAU, Kanpur, for students, extension workers and farm women etc.
  • The faculty of the department also given T.V. talks for the benefits of community.
  • Department enthusiastically participates in each and every ‘kisan mela’ organized by university. Various models, charts and pamphlets displayed at the stall of Human Development to disseminate information to farmers and their families pertaining to child development, child education, adolescent’s problem, women and child welfare, Special Needs children etc.


  • Nursery observation laboratory facilitate students to observe and study the development of young children and hand on training forPre-School management andpracticalexperiences for conducting and implementing different activities for early childhood children. The laboratory is equipped with various play equipment and teaching aids for enhancing overall development ofchildren. Besides this it helps the working mothers and community.
  • Departmental Testing lab is well equipped with standardized Scales like WISC, WISA, BSID, TAT, RPMetc. That skilled the students on different aspects of methods and techniques for assessment of human development.
  • Sufficient number of Staff rooms and lecture rooms for the U.G, P.G and Ph.D. Students, are available in the department.
  • Department has LCD Projector for presentation.
  • Department organizes various parent awareness programs to enlighten them on various topics related to child development, behavioral problems andparenting.
  • Teachers of the department conduct different field visits to various centers/ institutions to facilitate students to make observations and record relevant information required for practical purposes.
  • Department has Healthy connections / relation with the reputed rehabilitation Centre for children with developmental challenges.

Nursery Lab Activities

Diwali Celebration

 (Diwali celebration)           

    (Holi celebration)   

               Christmas Celebration

Janmashtami Celebration   






             Field Trip


Courses Offered

  1. Under Graduate Courses (As per V Deans Committee)
S. No. Name of Faculty Teachers Specialization
1.  Dr. Mukta Garg  Human Development

B.Sc. Home Science

S. No. Name of Course Code No. Credit
1. Fundamental of Human Development HDFS-111 2(2+0)
2. Developmental Challenges in Children HDFS-221 3(2+1)
3. Life Spam Development HDFS-121 3(2+1)
4. Marriage and Family Dynamics HDFS-211  3(2+1)
5. Family Counselling and Child welfare HDFS-311  3(2+1)
6. Education psychology and Early Childhood Education HDFS-321 3(2+1)

Student Ready Programme Module –

Elective courses
S.No. Course Name Course No. Credit
1. Methods and Materials for Teaching Young Children HDFS- 411 4 (0+4)
2. Early Childhood care education and Management HDFS-412 4 (0+4)
In-plant training / Internship / RAWE 20
Post Graduate Courses (As per IV Deans Committee)
   (A)        Major Courses
Course Name  Course Code Credits
1. Theories of Human Development and Behavior HDFS-501 3(3+0)
2. Advance in Life Span Development HDFS-502 3(2+1)
3. Gender Issues in Human Development and Family Studies HDFS-503 3(2+1)
4. Children with Development Challenges HDFS-504 3(3+0)
5. Guidance and Counseling HDFS-507 3(1+2)
6. Adolescent Development and challenges HDFS-509 3(2+1)
7. Appraisal of child and Family Welfare Institution HDFS-511 2(1+1)
20 Credits
   (B)        Minor Courses                                                                                 09Credits
Course Name  Course Code Credits
1. Communication for Development HECM-503 3(1+2)
2. Participatory Programme Management HECM-505 3(2+1)
3. Nutrition During Life Cycle FSN-507 3(3+0)
(C) Supporting Courses                                                                        06 Credits
1. Research Method in Home Science H.Sc-500 3(3+0)
2. Statistical Methods STAT-500 3(2+1)
Seminar: 1(1+0) HDFS-511 2(1+1)
    20 Credits
Master Seminar  HDFS-591 1(1+0)
Master Thesis HDFS-599 20
                                Total 56 Credits 
Ph.D.  Courses (As per IV Deans Committee)  
1. Adulthood Dynamics HDFS-601 3(2+1)
2. Advance in Family Studies HDFS-602 3(2+1)
3. Programme Development for Vulnerable Families HDFS-603 3(2+1)
4. Women studies HDFS-605 2(1+1)
5. Ecology of Human Development HDFS-608 3(3+0)
6. Cross cultural Perspectives in Family Studies HDFS-609 2(2+0)
Total 15 Credits
Minor Courses                                                                                  08 Credits
Monitoring Evaluation and Impact Assessment HECM-606 3(3+0)
Advertising and Marketing Communication HECM-607 2(1+1)
Maternal and Child Nutrition FSN-610 3(2+1)
Supporting Courses                                                                         05 Credits
Data processing STAT-600 2(1+1)
Research Project Management H.Sc-600 3(2+1)
Seminar                                                                                               2(2+0)
Seminar     I HDFS-691 1(1+0)
Seminar  II         HDFS-692 1(1+0)
Total 75 Credits


Name Dr.Mukta Garg
Designation Associate Professor
Employee I. D CSAM014
Office Phone
Mob No.
Department/ College Human Development, College of Home Science

Non-Teaching Staff:

Name  Smt. Renu Nishad
Designation Nursery Teacher/Artist (Contractual)
Employee I. D
Mob No. 9450445280
Department/ College Human Development, College of Home Science