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Prof. Munish Kumar, Dean 


The department was established in the year 2002. Presently four years B.Sc (Forestry) degree course has been running. 16 batches of B.Sc.(Forestry) students have been admitted through entrance examination.Every year 33 students are admitted.  Some additional students are also admitted by the nomination of ICAR. From 2002 two new Dept. viz; Silviculture & Agroforestry and Natural Resource Management were opened with intake of 5 students in each department. But due to non sanction of teaching post by the State Govt. these departments were closed. Currently, the Forestry Department was upgraded as College of Forestry vide Letter No. 7773/GS dated 22.09.2010 of OSD (Legal) of Hon’ble Chancellor, Uttar Pradesh and University Registrar Notification No. CSAU/R 2314/2010 Dated Oct. 26, 2010.

The College of Forestry has now imparted teaching under four departments namely Silviculture & Agroforestry, Tree Improvement & Forest Biology, Forest Products & Utilization and Environmental Science and NRM with the mandate of imparting teaching to undergraduate.



  • The mission of College of Forestry is training of manpower for sustainable development of Forestry and natural resources for the conservation of optimum utilization of ecosystem diversity with integration of forestry.
  • To develop curriculum for quality education for the students and integrated rural development program, formulation of polices and projects with skillful management.
  • To develop professional and foresters for the corporate sectors, teaching as well as research which serve the nation.


 There is need of imparting adequate training in Forestry and Natural Resource Management which encompasses the management of Green and forest cover. To develop Agroforestry models and agro-techniques of medicinal and aromatic plants suitable for Central Plain Zone and South West Semi Arid Zone of UP.


  • To provide quality education for research, extension and training with its well-balanced educational programmes.
  • To promote forestry, agroforestry, soil and environmental science with prime focus on socio-economic improvement, rural development, ecosystem rehabilitation & restoration and Natural resource management in Uttar Pradesh State.
  • To develop climate resilience technologies/ package of practices through its Research Development and Technological Innovation for the benefit of farmers, students, professionals, foresters and entrepreneurs.



  • To impart UG quality teaching and prepare competent skill based forestry personnel’s.
  • To conduct research on various aspect of forestry with reference to problematic areas.
  • To motivate people for increasing forest / tree cover through extension programme
  • To prepare teaching, research and extension specialists having integrated  knowledge of Forestry and Natural resource Management.
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B.Sc. (Hons) Forestry

Semester wise distribution of Courses 

I Semester
Course Code Discipline/Course title Credit Hrs
SAF- 111 Introduction to Forestry 2(2+0)
SAF- 112 Dendrology 3(2+1)
NRM-111 Introduction to Agronomy and Horticulture 3(2+1)
NRM-112 Geology & Soils 3(2+1)
SBS-111 Information and Communication Technology 2(1+1)
SBS-112 Communication Skills and Personality Development 2(1+1)
SBS-113 Plant Biochemistry 2(1+1)
SBS-114 Forest Botany 2(1+1)*
SBS-115 Basic Mathematics 2(2+0)*
PEY-111 Physical Education-I 1(0+1)**


NCC-I / NSS-I 1(0+1)**
II Semester
FBT-121 Plant Physiology 3(2+1)
FBT-122 Plant Cytology and Genetics 2(1+1)
SAF-121 Theory and Practice of Silviculture 3(2+1)
FPU-121 Wood Anatomy 3(2+1)
WLS-121 Wildlife Biology 3(2+1)
NRM-121 Forest Protection 3(2+1)
SBS-121 Statistical Methods & Experimental Designs 3(2+1)
PEY-121 Physical Education-II 1(0+1)**
NSS-121 NSS-II 1(0+1)**
III Semester
NRM-211 Environmental Studies and Disaster Managent 3(2+1)
NRM-212 Forest Survey & Engineering 3(2+1)
NRM-213 Soil Biology & Fertility 3(2+1)
NRM-214 Forest Ecology & Biodiversity 3(2+1)
FBT-211 Tree Improvement 3(2+1)
SAF-211 Principles of Agroforestry 3(2+1)
SAF-212 Forest Mensuration 3(2+1)
PEY-211 Physical Education-III 1(0+1)**




IV Semester
SAF-221 Forest Management 3(2+1)
SAF-222 Silviculture of Indian Trees 3(2+1)
FPU-221 Wood Products & Utilization 3(2+1)
FPU-222 Ethnobotany, Medicinal and Aromatic plans 3(2+1)
WLS-221 Ornithology & Herpetology 3(2+1)
FBT-221 Seed Technology & Nursery Management 3(2+1)
NRM-221 Rangeland and Livestock Management 2(1+1)
SBS-221 Forest Tribology & Anthropology 2(2+0)
SBS-222 Study Tour of State Forest 1(0+1)**
V Semester
SAF-311 Forest Hydrology and Watershed Management 3(2+1)
NRM-311 Climate Science 3(2+1)
FPU-311 Wood Science and Technology 3(2+1)
FPU-312 Logging and Ergonomics 2(1+1)
SBS-311 Forest Extension & Community Forestry 3(2+1)
SBS-312 Entrepreneurship Development & Business Management 2(1+1)
SBS-313 Forest Economics and Marketing 3(2+1)
FEL Experiential Learning –I 5(0+5)
VI Semester
SAF-321 Plantation Forestry 3(2+1)
NRM-321 Forest Laws, Legislation and Policies 2(2+0)
NRM-322 Geometrics 3(1+2)
NRM-323 Recreation & Urban Forestry 2(1+1)
NRM-324 Restoration Ecology 2(1+1)
FPU-321 Non-Timber Forest Products 3(2+1)
FPU-322 Certification of Forest Products 2(2+0)
FEL Experiential Leaning II 5(0+5)
VII Semester
READY-411 Forestry Work Experience 20(0+20)
SBS-411 All India Study Tour 3(0+3)**
VIII Semester
NRM-421 Forest Inventory and Yield Prediction 2(1+1)
FBT-421 Forest Biotechnology 3(2+1)
SAF-421 Agroforestry System and Management 3(2+1)
WLS-421 Wildlife Management 2(1+1)
SBS-421 Agricultural Informatics 3(2+1)
PWD Project Work & Dissertation 10(0+10)
Total Credit Hrs 181

Teachers involved in Teaching – College of Forestry

S.N. Name of Teachers Designation Department
1. Dr. Sarvesh Kumar Professor & Incharge SCWM
2.       Dr. Munish Kumar Professor SCWM
3.       Dr. Mahak Singh Professor GPB
4.       Dr. M. Z. Siddique Professor AGR
5.       Dr. Ram Ji Professor AHD
6.       Dr. Surendra Pandey Assistant Professor AGR
7.                          Dr. Anil Kumar Professor SAC
8.                          Dr. GeetaRai Assistant Professor GPB
9.                          Dr. NaliniTewari Assistant Professor GPB
10.                          Dr. C.B. Singh Assistant Professor SST
11.                          Dr. RakeshBabu Assistant Professor ABC
12.                          Dr. Nand Kumar Assistant Professor ABC
13.                          Dr. R.S. Umrao Assistant Professor ENT
14.                          Dr. A. K. Singh Assistant Professor AES
15.                          Dr. O.P. Singh Assistant Professor PPY
16.                          Dr. R.K. Pathak Assistant Professor SAC
17.                          Dr. Shamim Ahmad Assistant Professor AES
Teaching  Associate
1. Dr. Vipin Kumar Teaching Associate (Wood Product& Utilization) Forestry
2. Dr. Shikha Bhargav Teaching Associate (English) Forestry
3. Sri Ashish Kumar Teaching Associate (Yoga) Forestry
4. Dr. Sumit Raj Teaching Associate Forestry
5. Dr. Brijesh Kumar Teaching Associate Forestry