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Scientists Profile

S.No. Name of Scientist/officer Designation Disepline Mobile No. Photo
  Dr.Tej Prakash Head/Principle Scientist A.H. & Dairying 9412527056
  Shre Neresh Chandra Scientist Agri. Extention 9793530625
  Dr. Sheoraj Singh Scientist Plant Protection 9454346490
  Dr. Omkar Singh Yadav Scientist  Animal Husbandry 9412458331
  Shre Subhash Chandra Scientist Horticulture 9412591679

Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Firozabad

Major Events conducted by KVK duringYear2020

Sr. No. Name of Events Participants Remark Photo
  Field Day on Mustard 35 Field Day on Mustard (DRMR IJ-31) Under CFLD Programme at Tatarpur dated on 01.02.2020
  Celebration of International Women Day 200 Organized nternational Women Day at kvk Firozabad on dated 08.03.2020
  Celebration of Independence Day and Honor of DFIFarmers 22 Independence day was celeberated and Two Progressive farmers of DFI village honored by Dr.Tej Prakash, Head Incharge KVKFirozabad, on Independence Day.
  Celebration of Poshan Mah(Poshan Week andPoshan Day) 45 Under Poshan Mah , several programme were organized at KVK, and faremrs’s field.
  Farmers training Program 65 Farmers training Programme cum Mustard Seed Distribution at Karnpur dated on 06.10.2020
  Napier and Ginni propagation 10 For round the year fodder availability extension of Napier and ginni grass in the district was done and saplings/root slips were provided to the farmers
  Farmers Technical  Programme 35 Farmers Technical Programme and Exposure visit at csau and tech. on 10.10.2020
   Production of Vermi Compost 38 Turning Programme For Vermi Compost
  Celebration of Mahila Kisan Diwas 220 Kisan Mahila Diwas was organized at KVK in which District officials, Aganwadi workerand progressive farmwomen participated.
  Vrikshropan Abhiyan 48 As per the guideline under Vriksha Ropan Abhiyan programme plantation was done at KVK and Farmer’s field.
  Swachata Diwas/Swachata Abhiyan 45 Under Swachata abhiyan, Swachata Diwaswas organized at KVK .
  Kisan Samman Diwas 500 In honor of Late Prime Minister Chaudhery Charan Singh, Kisan Samman Diwas was organized at KVK Firozabad
  World Soil health Day 110 World Soil health Daywas conducted at Dinoli.
  Diagnostic Visit of Beekeeping 04 Beekeeping Unit visit by Director ATARI, Kanpur at Gagai
  Sponsored  training Programme 300 Two days training  Programme Organised at  kvk campus on Horticulture for 12 batch, each batch 25 Participant on 26-27,28-29 & 30-31
  Pulse day 44 Under CFLD programme pulse day was organized in which farmers were given technical advice for sowing and seed was distributed
  Live Streaming Programme 70 Live Streaming Programme on PM Kishan Samman Nidhe on 25.12.2020
  Verification of water shed Project 10 Verification of water shed Project Fatehabad & Jagner Block Dist Agra on 18-19-11-2020
  Field visit 04 Field visit of Mustard Crop verity DRMR IJ-31 Under CFLD Programme at Nagla Muhari on 18-12-2020
  Field visit 10 Field visit of Jharbera Flower Production in Poli house at Dhatari village block araon on 21-03-2020
  Seminar 60 Organised Seminar for Rural youth on 07-03-2020 at kvk Campus
  SAC meeting 30 Conducted  SAC meeting at kvk campus on 13-01-2020
  training Programme 70 Jointly Organised with IFFCO Dealer input  training Programme at kvk campus on 12-01-2020

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