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Scientists Profile

S.No. Name of Scientist/officer Designation Disepline Mobile No. Photo
Dr. Santosh Kumar Vishwakarma Head&Sr.Scientist Horticulture 09415716654


Dr. Mohd. Sohail Scientist Horticulture 09450384746


Dr. Nagendra Kumar Tripathi Scientist Animal Husbandry 09452820333


Dr. Pradeep Kumar Bisen Scientist Agronomy 09453791558


Dr. Sanjay Singh Scientist Plant Prot. 9415720011
Dr. J. L. Gupta Scientist Ag.Ext. 9839572394

Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Lakhimpur-Kheri-1

Major Events conducted by KVK during Year 2020

Sr. No. Name of Events Participants Remark Photo
Innovative Farmers & Scientist interaction day 62 Innovative farmers interaction organized and RAWE students also participated in gosthi
Awareness programme 42 Scientists ware told about extension activities in field condition through demonstration technique
Celebration of Constitution Day 38 Scientists were  creating aware about constitution  through gosthi and discussion on technique for improvement of their knowledge.
RAWE Programme 54 RAWE Programme was conducted of BScAg students all KVK Scientists were providing knowledge about extension activities in field condition.
International women day 34 Programme was conducted to  aware and empower the women through extension activities.All scientist were providing training to women in programme.
Training on Goat Rearing 25 A Training was organized under BIOTECH KISAN HUB for increasing farmers income through goat rearing.
Capacity Building and visit 15 A training programme for grading and packaging  was organized to get maximum price in market
Word environment day 12 As per the directives of ICAR-ATARI, Kanpur and UP Govt,a Tree  Plantation Programme conducted on KVK to maintain the environmental pollution.
Celebration of Independence Day and Honor of DFI Farmers 15 Independence day was celeberated and Two Progressive farmers of DFI village honored by Dr.S.K.Vishwakarma, Head KVK Lakhimpur, on Independence Day.
Celebration of Poshan Mah (Poshan Week and Poshan Day) 95 Under Poshan Mah , several programme were organized at KVK  to aware farm women about nutrition.
Promotion of Trench method in Sugarcane 18 Methods demonstration on Trench method in Sugarcane on farmer field was conducted
World Soil Health Day 45 World Soil health Day was conducted at KVK in which progressive farmers and farmwomen participated.
Awareness Programme on agroclimatric zone 52 Farmers ware aware about the benefits of weather forecast based agriculture and farmers were  trained.
Live Streaming of
P M Programme
26 As per the directives of ICAR-ATARI, Kanpur and UP Govt, P M Programme was telecasted at KVK, Lakhimpur in this 26 farmers participated.
Garib Kalyan Rozgar Abhiyan Trainings 35×18=630 As per guideline due to pandemic Covid -19, 18 number of trainings on different topics (self employment) was conducted for migrant Lakhimpur district with 35 participants in each batch . Programme was covered in different news paper and  broadcasted on different news channel.
Kisan Samman Diwas 25 In honor of Late Prime Minister Chaudhery Charan Singh, Kisan Samman Diwas was organized and Head with scientist attended the function
Sushan Diwas 55 A programme / Gosthi was organized on the occasion of birth day of Late PM Sh. Atal Bihari Bajpai.
Field Day 50 A programme was organized to aware the farmer regarding Crop Residue Management and also discussion on different aspects of crop residue use and their decomposition.
CRM Programme 75 A three batches of 5 days training programme was organized under crop residue Management to upgrade the soil health
Diagnostic Visit of Pointed Guard Field 6 Diagnostic visit of Pointed Guard field in village Dhongwa. Farmers have discussed about the advantage of mulching.
 Visit of H’ble VC 35 H’ble VC visited KVK farm and units, had discussion with scientist and progressive farmers.
Tree plantation programme 12 H’ble VC sir see the progress of Administrative building and planted  a Moulshree plant in front of building.
Method Demonstration 18 Uses of Mulcher to led down of crop residue and mix it in the soil. It enhances the soil health.
Inauguration of  Promotional Vehicle under CRM 28 A grand awareness programme was started under CRM. The publicity was broadcasted by promotional vehicle
Oilseed –  day 50 Under CFLD programme oilseed day was organized in which farmers were given technical advice for sowing and seed was distributed.
District Level Training 25 Farmers training /Gosthi was organized under crop Residue Management
Promotion of CRM implements 18 Promotion and Awareness of Crop Residue management implements.
Diagnostic Visit of Mushroom unit 12 Scientist visited at mushroom unit of Sh. Jitendra Sharma and advise him for promotion of production and marketing.
Kisan Kalyan MIssion 110 Scientists of the KVK participated in the programme organized by the Line Department under Kisan Kalyan Mission with the coordination of KVK
Diagnostic visit of Vegetable Field 10 KVK Scientist interacted during diagnostic visit of vegetable field. Farmers have discussed with the Scientists’ regarding their problems
Diagnostic Visit of Pointed Guard Field 6 Diagnostic visit of Pointed Guard field in village Dhongwa. Farmers have discussed about the advantage of mulching.
SAC Meeting 35 SAC Meeting was organized in the chairmanship of DR K.K.Singh, and discussed on the Progress report of 2020 and action Plan of year 2021 among the members.

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