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Scientists Profile

S.No. Name of Scientist/officer Designation Subject Mobile No. Photo
  Dr. Sushil Kumar Senior Scientist & Head Agriculture Extension 9758991541,
  Mr Ram Deen Yadav  Scientist-  Agriculture Extension 9140968052
  Dr Jagdish Mishra Scientist Soil Science 9793611959
  Dr Vikas Ranjan Chaudhary Scientist- Horticulture 9415153408
  Dr Sanjay Kumar Pandey Scientist Animal Science 9451020003
  Dr Akanksha Chaudhary Scientist Home Science 8765468886
  Dr. Awanindra Kumar Tiwari Scientist Plant Protection 9450613937
  Mr. Narendra Kumar Verma Scientist Agro Meteorology 9415381595

Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Mainpuri

Major Events conducted by KVK during Year 2020

Sr. No. Name of Events Participants Remark Photo
  Live Streaming of Vaigayniko ki Baath, Kisano ke Saath 31 As per the directives of ICAR-ATARI, Kanpur and UP Govt,  “Vaigyaniko ki Baat , Kisano ke Saath”   was telecasted on 4 Feb, 2020 at KVK, Mainpuri . On this occasion Farmers Gosthi was organized and farmers were benefitted by  listening the interaction with University  scientist and Minister of Agriculture Utter Pradesh.
  Republic Day celebration 26 Republic Day celebrated  at  NARP, centre at Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Mainpuri with staff.
  Innovative farmers interaction day 45 An Interaction day with innovative farmers of the District was organized  at KVK, Mainpuri in which  .Dr.Vikas Ranjan Chaudhary, Dr Jagdish Mishra, Shri Naraendra Kumar Verma  and   Shri Chatra Pal Singh  with District officials participated and interacted with   progressive farmers of the district.
  Diploma In Agriculture Extension Services Input Dealer (Desi) 42 Exposure visit of trainees of Diploma In Agriculture Extension Services Input Dealer (Desi)  conducted at KVK, Mainpuri.
  Two days training programme  under horticulture mission at KVK 50 Programme was conducted to aware the farmers with different  horticulture crops  for income up gradation
  Awareness programme about wheat variety HD-2967 FLD under ATMA 51 A programme was organized to aware the farmer  about wheat variety HD-2967 under ATMA  village Dharmangadpur
  Farmer scientist Interaction  programme 45 A farmer scientist interaction  programme under ATMA was organized to increase the farmer income
  Celebration of International  Mahila Diwas 60 International  Mahila Diwas was organized at KVK in which KVK scientists along with other line department  officer interacted with progressive farm womens of the district.
  Celebration of Independence Day and Honor of DFI Farmers 41 Independence day was celebrated at KVK  and Two Progressive farmers of DFI village honored by Dr.Sushil Kumar, Sr. Scientist & Head and other scientists of KVK.
  Celebration of Poshan Maah (Poshan Week and Poshan Day) 258 Under Poshan Maah , several programme were organized at different Villages and KVK campus to aware the farmwomen about nutrition.
  Promotion of improved varieties in nutrition kitchen garden 104 Farmwomen were provided seeds of vegetables for nutritional garden under Poshan Mah Abhiyan.
   Visit of  Director, ATARI, Zone III at KVK 11 Dr. Atar Singh, Director ATARI, visited the KVK campus and demonstration units .
  Vrikshropan Abhiyan 35 As per the guideline under Vriksha Ropan Abhiyan programme plantation was done at KVK and Farmer’s field.
  Oilseed – Pulse day 50 Under CFLD programme oilseed-pulse day was organized in which farmers were given technical advice for sowing and seed was distributed.
  Celebration of Constitution Day 52 Constitution day was organized at KVK, all the scientist, staff  and farmers took oath follow the guidelines of constitution.
  Swachata Diwas/Swachata Abhiyan 45 Under Swachata abhiyan, Swachata Diwas was organized at KVK and adopted villages in which farmers actively participated.
   live telecast of inauguration programme   of administrative building at R.L.B. central university Jhansi  by Prime Minister   Farmers were invited at KVK, to see the  live telecast of inauguration programme   of administrative building at R.L.B. central university Jhansi  by Prime Minister
  Farmer scientist Interaction  programme 40 A farmer scientist interaction  programme under ATMA was organized to increase the farmer income
  Farm school training 16 Participation of scientist in farm school training at village Madhupuri.
  Visit at CSAUA&T, Kanpur under  Krishi Takneek Prashar Pakhawara 39 Progressive farmer of district Mainpuri participated and  interacted with university scientists under Krishi Takneek Prashar Pakhawara
  Farmer scientist Interaction  programme and jaivik gosthi 35 A farmer scientist interaction  programme and jaivik gosthi was organized under ATMA to aware the farmers about organic crop production to increase the farmer income.
  Two days residential training under ATMA 50 Two days residential training under ATMA was organized of farm women’s to increase the  income through diversification.
  Kisan Samman Diwas 783 In honor of Late Prime Minister Shri Chaudhery Charan Singh, Kisan Samman Diwas was organized at  Shri Devi Mela Pandal. Head and all scientisst attended the function and  aware the farmers about different new technologies.
  World Soil health Day 67 World Soil health Day was conducted at KVK in which progressive farmers and farmwomen participated.
  Live telecast of Prime Ministaer Kisan Samman Nidhi 987 Celebration of Sushan divas at KVK campus and live streaming of  Hon’ble PM speech  in occasion of Bharat Ratan  Hon’ble   Shri Atal Bihari Bajapayee Ex Prime minister Birthday.   Hon’ble Rajaya Sabha Sasnand Shri  Harnath Singh Yadav Ji participated along with DM,CDO,  Ex. MLA and other district leaders.
  FAP Programme 196 Farmer’s awareness programme was conducted about benefits of weather forecast agriculture based agro advisory and farmers were added in Whatsapp DAMU group.
  Inspection of Cluster Frontline Demonstration on  oilseed  and pulses 39 Inspection of Cluster Frontline Demonstration on  oilseed  and pulses by  Dr. A.L.Baghmare, Assistant Director, Directorate of  Sugarcane development, Lucknow at Village Sahra, Naglabhagan, Bhanau and Naglakuwa.
  Scientists visit at farmers field of Front Line  Demonstration 5  KVK scientists visited the FLD field of Broccoli and infracted with farmers.

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