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Scientists Profile

S.No. Name of Scientist/officer Designation Disepline Mobile No. Photo
  Dr. K.K. Singh Head/Sr. Scientist Soil Science 9415937398
  Dr. O.P. Verma Sr. Scientist Animal Science 9451318854
  Dr. A.K. Tiwari Scientist Plant Protection 9415190350
  Dr. R.P.N. Singh Scientist Agril Extension 9415744645
  Dr. R.K. Kanojia Scientist Agronomy 9721146211
  Dr. S.V. Singh Scientist Horticulture 7388021277
  Dr. Deepali Chauhan Scientist Home Science 9839946033

Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Raebareli

Major Events conducted by KVK during Year 2020

Sr. No. Name of Events Participants Remark Photo
  Live Streaming of Vaigaynikon ki Baat, Kisano ke Saath 25 As per the directives of ICAR-ATARI, Kanpur and UP Govt,  Vaigyanikon ki Baat , Kisano ke Saath   was telecasted on 4 Feb, 2020 at KVK Raebareli, . On the occasion Farmers Gosthi was organized and farmers were benefitted by listening the interaction of scientist along with Hon’ble Minister of Agriculture Utter Pradesh
  Innovative farmers interaction day 25 A Interaction day  organized  at farmers field. Dr.S.V. Singh with district officials, progressive farmers of the district Raebareli participated and benefitted.
  Celebration of Independence Day and Honor of DFI Farmers 40 Independence day was celebrated and Two Progressive farmers of DFI village honored by Dr.K.K. Singh, Head I of KVK Raebareli, on Independence Day.
  Innovative Farmers & Scientist interaction day 50 Innovative farmers interaction day organized and field visit was conducted at farmer’s field.
  Celebration of Poshan Mah (Poshan Week andPoshan Day) 635 Under Poshan Mah , several programme were organized at KVK, Raebareli and faremrs’s field.
  Promotion of biofortified crops 100 Farm women were provided seeds of vegetables for nutritional kitchen garden under Poshan Mah Abhiyan at KVk Raebareli.
  Napier propagation Day Celebration 30 For round the year fodder availability extension of Napier grass in the district was done and saplings/root slips were provided to the farmers by KVK Raebareli.
  Celebration of Mahila Kisan Diwas 30 Kisan Mahila Diwas was organized at villalage Kodar Jahanpur by KVK Raebareli. Aganwadi worker and progressive farm women participated in this programme.
  Vrikshropan Abhiyan 35 As per the guideline under Vriksha Ropan Abhiyan programme plantation was done by KVK Raebareli at Farmer’s field.
  Fodder Day celebration 25 Farmers were advised for propagation of Napier  and Para grass. Live stock farmer were provided Napier roots/para grass and root slips and distributed green fodder seed.
  Nutritious fodder day 25 Nutritious Fodder day was conducted under FLD in Aspirational village Pure Umme block-Amawan Raebareli.
  Garib Kalyan Rozgar Abhiyan Trainings 35×18=630 As per guideline due to pandemic Covid -19 , 18 number of trainings on different topics (self employment) was conducted for migrant of Raebareli district with 35 participants in each batch . Programme was covered in different news paper broadcasted on different news channel.
   Visit of H’ble VC 200 Hon’ble VC visited KVK Raebareli farm, units and discussed with scientists and progressive farmers of their problems.
  Constitution Day 50 Constitution day was organized at KVK, all the scientist, officials and farmer took oath in leadership of H’ble VC , CSAUA&T, Kanpur
  Swachata Diwas/Swachata Abhiyan 25 Under Swachata abhiyan, Swachata Diwas was organized at KVK Raebareli campus and adopted villages in which farmers actively participated.
  Kisan Samman Diwas 25 In honor of Late Prime Minister Chaudhery Charan Singh, Kisan Samman Diwas was organized at KVK Raebareli.
  World Soil health Day 30 World Soil health Day was conducted at KVK in which progressive farmers and farmwomen participated.
  Diagnostic Visit of Nutritional garden 25 KVK home scientist Dr Deepali Chauhan had interaction with farm women and organized diagnostic visit at nutritional Kitchen garden.
  Nutritional  day for live stock 30 Nutritional  day for live stock was organized at farmer’s field, emphasizing nutritive value of nappier feeding to animals.
  IFS model visit 35 Farmer’s scientist interaction was organized on IFS in farmer’s field having tomato, and brocalli on bund with horticultural crops , fisheries and organic unit.
  District level  farmers training 50 One days farmer’s interaction training was organized for farmers & farm women on crop residue management.
  Capacity Building and visit 45 Capacity building under CRM programme for livelihood was organized at KVK Campus.
  Weather Day 30 Weather day was organized in different villages and farmers were motivated for weather based agriculture.
  FAP Programme 30 Farmer’s Awareness Programme was conducted for imparting the benefits of CRM.
  Organic Manure Day 25 Organic Manure Day was organized promotion of vermicompost at farmer’s field and reduce of chemical fertilizer.
  Ex-Trainee Meet 35 Ex-Trainee Meet was organized and feedback of the beneficiaries was taken and advised accordingly.
  Innovative day-Field Visit 25 Innovative day-Field Visit was organized at farmer’s field Head, Scientist of KVK and progressive farmers, had interacted with progressive farmer Om Prakash Verma.
  Mela-Farmer’s Interaction Day 200 One day farmer’s scientist interaction/ Kisan Mela organized at KVK in which H’ble MLC Sadar Shri Dinesh Pratap Singh graced the occasion and farmer’s were benefitted by technical session.
  Oilseed – Pulse day 50 Under CFLD programme Pulse day was organized in which farmers were given technical advice for sowing and seed was distributed.
  Barseem Seed Distribution 100 Under SCSP Programme Barseem seed distribution programme organize by KVK in four villages.
  Training Programme 35 Training Programme Conducted at KVK on Bhartiya Pracheen Krishi Padhati.  
  Field Visit Diversified Agriculture 25 Scientists of KVK Visited at farmers field for diversified agriculture in block – Amawan.  
  Field Visit of natural farming.  35 Scientists of KVK Visited at farmers field who adopted natural farming  for promotion of vermicompost at farmer’s field and reduce of chemical fertilizer.
  Ginger Seed Distribution 25 Ginger Seed Distribution by KVK Raebareli those farmers who were growing vegetables.
  Nappier Grass Distribution 20 Nappier grass roots distributed in four blocks by KVK for green fodder throughout the year. For round the year fodder availability extension of Napier grass in the district was done and saplings/root slips were provided to the farmers.
  Visit of Hon’ble Agriculture Minister 35 Hon’ble Agriculture Minister Shri Surya Pratap Shahi Ji visited at KVK Raebareli. Monitoring Boundary wall construction, implement shed, Duckery shed and pond.
  Visit of Hon’ble Principal Secretary 25 Hon’ble Principal Secretary Shri Devesh Chaturvedi visited KVK Raebareli monitoring crop residue management in different blocks and villages of Raebareli.  
  CRM Programm at KVK Campus 100 KVK Raebreli organize 4 Crop Residue Management programme at KVK Campus to aware the farmers and farm women.
  Village level CRM Programm 250 KVK Raebreli organize 5 village level Crop Residue Management programme at different vallages to aware the farmers and farm women.
  Block level CRM Programm 400 KVK Raebreli organize 4 block level Crop Residue Management programme at different blocks to aware the farmers and farm women.
  District level CRM Programm 400 KVK Raebreli organize 2 District level Crop Residue Management programme at different place to aware the farmers and farm women.
  Wall Painting 1000 Wall Painting make by the KVK at different villages to aware the farmers about CRM.
  CRM Machinery Demo at farmers Field 70 CRM Machinery demon was organized by the KVK Raebareli at different villages and block. To aware the farmers and  farm women about the benefits of this machinery.
  Field Visit of Happy Shedder Sowing. 70 At different villages of farmers sowing programme was done and visited their field. Progress of crop was so good. 

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