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Mr Kuldeep Yadav, Ph.D. Scholar
Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding

  • Place of Training: CIMMYT, Mexico
  • Period March 09, 2020 to June 15, 2020

Dr. Kuldeep Yadav Ph.D. student Department of Genetics & Plant Breeding attended three months (March 09, 2020 to June 15, 2020) international training on “CIMMYT, Maxico”. He started training programme with Basic Wheat Improvement Course (BWIC) under supervision of Dr. Govindan Velu, Senior Scientist. Dr. Velu trained Mr. Kuldeep many historical lines as well as bio-fortified and rust resistance lines of wheat as well as green revaluation lines. Mr. Kuldeep was very much enlightens with the working environment and research facilities in the CIMMYT helped him to learn research methodologies without any stress and difficulties. He got an opportunity to visit the trails of durum wheat at drought as well as irrigated condition. He learned information about how to develop lodging resistance plants. He visited the quality lab of wheat and learned how to run the markers and QTL identification. During selection, He was trained in area of the selection parameters follow as selection of rust resistance plants with good tillering and medium height characteristics at F2 to F6 generation. After the Mexican government order regarding to Covid-19, the research center was closed for trainees. After that he was shifted to El Batan center Texcoco where rest of training part was completed. He also got online lectures and e-contents of the subject. In online lecture series, he was trained about statistical analysis programme likes R Studio, ICIM QTL ICI Mapping, Tassel 5, DAR win 6, METAR and RlndSel and other lectures likes genomic assisted breeding, Wheat Quality, Marker outsourcing and sample tracking, Software demonstration for linkage and association mapping etc. He found field work, particularly individual plant selection from segregating and advanced generation most challenging and yet very interesting job to do. Apart from his research training, he was trained in other innovative area of wheat research by his mentor and learned scientists of institute. Overall his research capability and competency in subject was improved. Mr. Kuldeep Yadav is thankful to CIMMYT, Maxico, Faculty of Institute and his mentor Mr. Govindan Velu.