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The Vegetable section, Kalyanpur, has been the premier vegetable research  station of the state and has contributed enormously to the welfare of vegetable  growers. Presently research work on most of the vegetable  crops is being carried out by the competent faculties  with the support  of All India Coordinated Research Project and All India Network Research Project, DASD and non-plan grants. This research section on vegetables was upgraded as department of Vegetable Science during 2002-03 and started giving degree in M.Sc. and Ph.D. (Agriculture) in Vegetable Science and this continued till 2011-12. After words from academic session 2016-17, admission of M.Sc. and Ph.D. students was again initiated and now the degree is being awarded as M.Sc. (Horticulture) Vegetable Science and Ph.D. (Horticulture) Vegetable Science under the college of Horticulture. Both farm and instructional facilities are available for undertaking the quality research and imparting quality education to the postgraduate students. In addition to practical’s, hands on training are also provided to students for the protective cultivation of Vegetables in poly houses and the storage of Onion and Garlic.  

 This department has distinction to be identified as “Centre of Excellence on Vegetables” in the year 2018 by  DARE, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh.
In order to promote the use of green energy i.e. energy which does not pollute the environment and is renewable in nature, department of vegetable science has taken the lead in the university. During March 2021 online solar panel of 50 KW capacity has been installed on the roof of department’s building which has become now functional and started supplying solar energy. Besides this all the fields of vegetable research farm has been connected with underground irrigation pipeline in order to enhance the water use efficiency and minimize the water losses.

Details of farm facilities

  • A labeled and connected with roads   24 ha. Land area
  • 15.6 ha cultivated Land
  • 1.36 ha nursery & Garden
  • 1.0 ha Polyhouse
  • 01 Tractor
  • 02 Tube bell (15HP)
  • One Harrow
  • Two Cultivator
  • One Rotavetor
  • Threshing Floor- 14 m radius
  • Underground irrigation pipeline
  • Solar lamps

Details of workshop facilities

  •  NA

Details of instructional facilities

  • Poly house- 04 units (440 sq. meter each) 
  • Net house- 01 unit (20 X 13.5 meter)  
  • Go down- 01 (13 X 8.5 meter)
  • Pre-cool chamber-01 unit  (200 sq. meter)
  • Hardening chamber – 01 unit  (200 sq. meter)
  • Onion garlic storage- 01 unit (10.5 X 4.5 meter) 
  • Vermi-compost production unit
  • Laboratory and classroom  – 01 each (6.50 X 8.30 meter)
  • Conference room – 01 unit

List of equipment’s in laboratories 

  • Thermo hygrograph
  • Kjeldhal distillation set
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Flame photometer
  • Digital balance
  • Plastic crates
  • Generator set                    
  • Auto clean machine         
  • Hot Plate              
  • Glass ware dryer  
  • Mechanical shaker            
  • Electronic balance            
  • pH meter              
  •      Laminar air flow               
  • Air purifier
  • Microscope                       
Poly house- (440 sq. meter each) Net house- (20 X 13.5 meter)
Go down/store room Hardening chamber (200 sq. meter)
Pre-cool chamber (200 sq. meter) Onion garlic storage-  (10.5 X 4.5 meter)
Vermi-compost production unit 50 KW. Online solar system
Conference room Laboratory and classroom
50 KW. Online solar system Insect proof net house
Poly house with fan pad system Naturally Ventilated Polyhouse (Soil less media)
Underground irrigation pipeline General view