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Teaching Activities

The department offers various undergraduate and postgraduate courses of vegetable science. The M.Sc. and Ph.D. students of the department usually study minor in Genetics and Plant Breeding, Entomology and Seed science & Technology in addition to Agricultural Statistics and Economics as supporting ones. The department has adopted course curricula recommended by 5th ICAR Deans’ Committee at UG level from 2016-17 academic session, while the course curricula for postgraduate degree are as per the recommendations of National Core Group. About 8-10 students in M. Sc. programme and 4-6 students in Ph.D. programme are being admitted through Combined Agriculture and Technology Entrance Tests (CATET) every year including  ICAR quota (NTS / JRF/ SRF) and foreign students nomination.

Course No. Course title Credit hours
Under Graduate Courses – B. Sc. (Hons.) Horticulture
VSC-221 Spices and condiments 3
VSC-222 Precision farming and protected cultivation 3
VSC-311 Breeding of vegetable, tuber and spices  3
VSC-312 Potato and tuber crops 2
VSC-321 Seed production of vegetable, tuber & spices 3
HEL-422 Protected cultivation of high value horticultural crops 10(0+10)
HOR-211 Production technology  of vegetable and spices 2
ELP-427 Organic crop production technology 10(0+10)
M.Sc. Horticulture, Vegetable Science
VGS 501 Production technology of cool season vegetable crops  3(2+1)
VGS 503 Breeding of Vegetables 3(2+1)
VGS 512 Experimental design 3(2+1)
 VGS-502 Production Tech. of warm Season Vegetable Crops 3(2+1)
VGS-504 Growth and Development of Vegetable Crops 3(2+1)
VGS-505 Seed Production Tech. of Vegetable Crops 3(2+1)
VGS-507 Production Tech. of Under Exploited Vegetable Crops 2(1+1)
VGS – 508 Organic Vegetable Production Technology 2(1+1)
VGS-509 Fundamentals of Processing of Vegetables 2(1+1)
VGS-506 Breeding  of Vegetables 3(2+1)
VGS-591 Master seminar 1(1+0)
VGS-599 Master research 20
GPB-503 Principals of plant breeding 3(2+1)
SST-507 Seed quality testing 3(2+1)
ENT-510 Principal of pest management Vegetable Crops 2(1+1)
  Total credit hours 56
Ph.D. Vegetable Science
VGS-601 Advances in Vegetable Production 3(2+1)
VGS-602 Advances in breeding of Vegetable  3(2+1)
VGS-603 Protected Cultivation of Vegetable Crops 2(1+1)
VGS-604 Biotechnology of vegetable crops 3(2+1)
VGS-605 Seed Production Tech. of Vegetable Crops 3(2+1)
VGS-606 Production Technology of Under-exploited Veg. Crops 2(1+1)
VGS-691 Seminar 1
VGS-699 Ph.D. Research work 45
Minor and supporting
ENT-607 Advances in biological control 2(1+1)
ENT-609 Plant nematode relationship 2(1+1)
GPB-603 Hetrosis Breeding 3(2+1)
AES-605 Agriculture statistics 3(2+1)
GPB-606 Plant genetic resource 2(1+1)
AES-602 Agriculture production economics 3(2+1)
  Total credit hours 77