Agricultural Technology Information Centre (ATIC)

The University has established Agricultural Technology Information Centre (ATIC) at the main campus, Kanpur.  Majority of the farmers are visited at ATIC from Kanpur, Lucknow, Allahabad, Chitrakoot Dham, Jhansi, Agra and Aligarh divisions of University area jurisdiction. The main purpose of their visit was to purchase the improved seed of different rabi crops like wheat, barley, mustard, linseed, chickpea, field pea, lentil and vegetable pea. The problems raised by the farmers during interaction with scientists at ATIC were specially on seed of improved varieties, seed rate, doses of fertilizers application, plant protection, weed control, horticulture, floriculture, livestock, mushroom production and bee keeping. The “ Krishak Helpline” was established at ATIC. During 2015-16  total 5210 queries raised by the farmers were specially on seed of improved varieties (40%), seed rate(15%), Plant protection (20%), weed control (5%), Vegetable (5%) and livestock(5%). Farmers & queries immediately solved by the scientists of different disciplines.

Incharge Dr. R. B . Singh