Dr. Vijay Kumar Yadav
Officer-in Charge, Placement
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To reduce poverty and hunger, improve the life style and ensure conducive environment through suitable employment and strengthening national agricultural education research and extension systems


  • Exploit the new information and communication technology to create a global, equitable forum for knowledge creation, sharing and capacity building.
  • Serve as the convener of dialogue about the students and job providers through a National and international agri-experts.
  • Build the next generation of  quality students


C.S.A. placement pursues its mission and goals through

  • Interdisciplinary thematic and system-based programs
  • Scientific strength in major disciplines for over all students events
  • Anticipatory research initiatives exploring new opportunities for respectful job
  • Partnership with students’ communities research institutions/public-private organizations that share CSA mission
  • Continued efforts in improving students development and welfar


CSA placement actions are guided by a commitment to

  • Excellence
  • Development of Scientific integrity and accountability in students
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Gender consciousness
  • Diversity of opinion and approach
  • Teamwork and partnership
  • Service to students
  • Cultural diversity
  • Indigenous knowledge
  • Environmental protection

Prof. Vijay Kumar Yadav, Director, Placement

Dr. Vijay Kumar Yadav obtained his B.Sc (Ag & AH) (1988) ,  M.Sc.(1990) and Ph.D(1998) degree from C.S.A University of Agriculture and Technology, Kanpur-2 and Joined the same University in 1997 as Asstt Professor.  His Primary research focus was on Pulses and rice breeding. Currently, he is engaged in Development of New Plant Type varieties with higher yield and inbuilt resistance to major insect and pest and fine grain rice varieties with using both conventional and molecular approaches. Dr. Yadav is credited for the publication of three reference books: “Pulse crops- Production Technology”  published by Kalyani Publication Ludhiana, Agro-Techniques of Cereal Crops published by Kalyani Publication,  GENERAL AGRICULTURE, Pub. By PPD, Dhanwad, mRrj izns’k ,ao mRrjk[k.M+ esa cklerh@lqxfU/kr pkoy mRiknu ifjn`”; ,ao vkfFkZd fo”ys’k.k  2010, NAIP, RKMP & lkslk;Vh QkWj eSustesaV vkQ ,xzzh&:jy izkstsDV~l] dkuiqj] mRrj izns”k , One edited book “Recent Advances in Agricultural Sciences”. He is published more than 112 research/ presented papers/ popular articles in different national and international journals and carrying five research projects on rice improvements, guided 11 Ph.D-PG students, dissiminated more than52 news in daily new papers.  He has the credit to international research linkage & collaboration, Developed two Rice genotypes, and evaluated more than 950 rice germplasm including Indica and Tropical Japonica. Dr. Yadav visited International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Philippines for two weeks advanced training on Markers Assisted Selection rice breeding: Laying foundation for second green revolution. He has been honoured with three Appreciation Letters from Vice Chancellors for successfully organizing summers school and personality development programme . Presently, Dr. Vijay is Working as  Sr. Rice Breeder& Officer in Charge, AICRP on Rice, Co Officer-in- Charge– Directorate of Human Resource and Development,  Game Councilor– Khabbdi and Kho- kho and Treasurer of the Alumni Association and Hostel Warden CSAUA&T, Kanpur.

Supporting Staff:

  1. Mulayam Singh                                                       09506127041

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