Dr. P.K Upadhyay (Dean Students Welfare)
Mobile: 9450344489
Office: 0512-2534122

Dr. Naushad Khan (Associate, Dean Students’ Welfare)
Email: naushadkhan.0000@gmail.com


Boarding & Lodging facilities for students

The students admitted in UG, PG and Ph.D. degree programme are accommodated in 8  boys hostels in Agriculture capus, 2 girls hostels in Home Science campus Kanpur and 2  boys hostels in B.R.R. College of Ag. Engg. & Technology, Etawah while girls of  B.Tech./M.Tech. are accommodated in separate/secured residential accommodation in  B.R.R. college. All the hostels of Kanpur & Etawah are well furnished with modern  residential facilities. The wardens & their contact Nos. are given below:

S.No. Name of Warden Name of Hostel Phone No./Mobile No.
1. Dr.P.K.Upadhyay Dean, Student Welfare /
Tilak Hostel
2. Dr.J.Rai
Dr.Anil Kumar Sachan
Bhagat Singh Hostel 9451139190,
3. Dr.R.P.Vyash Dr.Rajendra Prasad Hostel 9415042317
4. Dr.V.K.Yadav,
Dr.Kausal Kumar
Patel Hostel 7376105454,
5. Dr.S.K.Bishwash,
R.S.R.P.Hostel 9452522504,
6. Dr.Naushad Khan Satabdi Hostel 7860786422,
7. Dr.Servesh Kumar,
Dr.Devendra Singh
Ambedkar Hostel 9935202988,
8. Dr.Ram Ji Gupta Subhash Chandra Bose Hostel 9450343985
9. Dr.M.Z.Sidhqui A.P.J.Abdul Kalam 9415481158
10. Dr.Rakesh Babu Gautam J.C.Bose & Raman Hostel 9450141699
11. Dr.S.C.Kushwaha Karpuri Thakur 9453283424
12. Dr.Neerja Agrawal Jhalkari Bai Hostel 9935199496
13. Dr.Mithilesh Verma,
Dr.Shweta Yadav
Sarojini Naidu Hostel 9451506978,
14. Dr.Seema Sonkar Godawari & Sharamjeevi Hostel 8765776375

Mess facilities: For all the U.G., P.G. & Ph.D. students residing in various Hostels, 14  well- managed messes for boys & 2 for girls in Kanpur campus and 2 for boys & 1 for girls  in Etawah campus are running on contract basis under the control of Dean, Students  Welfare. The students are required to deposit mess charges in advance at the time of their  registration in various semesters. The refundable mess security will be deposited at the  time of admission in 1st semester and will be refunded at time of completion of the degree  after nominal deduction for fresher parties etc.

Scholarships, Aids and Awards: Dean, Students Welfare Office is responsible to  manage the scholarships and other financial assistance to students belonging to various  degree programmes. For U.G., P.G. and Ph.D. students, various kinds of scholarship from  various funding agencies are made available and for that University receives specific  funds. The students who have good academic records and belong to the family of below  poverty line may get financial aid from U.P. Government. This scholarship is made  available to any student of any group without reservation. State Mandi Parishad scholarship  in pre decided number for various degree programmes are maid available to the students  without any reservation provided they are good in studies and come from poor farmers  family and landless labourers. Besides, scholarships for SC, ST and OBC classes are made  available to maximum number of students and for that funds are made available by the  state government. The stipends and financial assistance for post graduate and Ph.D.  scholars are also available to deserving students in various categories from ICAR, State  Government, State Mandi Parishad and various trusts viz., Shamjee Memorial and Jindal  trust. The details of scholarships stipends and other financial assistance are given below.

S.No. Name of Scholarship UG PG Ph.D.
1.  Univ. Merit 100/- P.M. 400/- P.M.
2.  Mandi Parishad 1000/- P.M. 1000/- P.M.
3.  Backward
(i) Hostel
(ii) Non Hostel
740/- P.M.
330/- P.M.
740/- P.M.
330/- P.M.
740/- P.M.
330/- P.M.
4.  Schedule caste (SC/ST)
(i) Hostel
(ii) Non Hostel
740/- P.M.
330/- P.M.
740/- P.M.
330/- P.M.
740/- P.M.
330/- P.M.
5.  N.T.S. (ICAR) 800/- P.M.
6.  General caste (below poverty line)
(i) Hostel
(ii) Non Hostel
740/- P.M.
330/- P.M.
740/- P.M.
330/- P.M.
740/- P.M.
330/- P.M.
7.  Minority population (below poverty line)
(i) Hostel
(ii) Non Hostel
740/- P.M.
330/- P.M.
740/- P.M.
330/- P.M.
740/- P.M.
330/- P.M.
8.  Shamjee Memorial Trust 1500/- per semester., tuition fee with mess charges 500/- 1800/- per semester., tuition fee with mess charges 500/-.
9.  Jindal Trust 700/- P.M. 800/- P.M.
10.  Higher Education Welfare Fund 200/- P.M. 250/- P.M. 10000/- once at the time of thesis submission
11.  ICAR (JRF) 3600/- P.M. (Fellowship) 6000/- per annum contingency
12.  ICAR (SRF) 5600/- P.M. (Fellowship) 10000/- per annum contingency & 300/- T.A. per month
13.  M/s Aspee Foundation 800/- P.M.
14.  Univ. Ph.D. Fellowship 1500/- P.M.1000/- per annum contingency & 300/- T.A. per annum

Medical Facilities: The University is having primary health centres each at Kanpur and  Etawah campuses. Medical Officer at Kanpur is residing in the campus. His 24 hrs service is  available to the students and the staff members are also allowed the benefit of his advice  and the health centre. The Medical Officer provides medical advice and treats for small and  temporary illness. However, in serious cases and long-term illness the students are  admitted in the Govt. hospital and their parents are informed for further management. A  vehicle is also available under Dean Students’ Welfare to provide services to the students  in emergent cases around the day and night. Ladies qualified Doctor has also been  appointed on contact basis that is looking after the medical problems of girls students and  is available whole day in Home Science and also in the night on call. Similar facilities are  available at Etawah campus.

Games and Sports: Sufficient space and facilities are available for indoor and outdoor  games for the students in all the colleges of the university. There is a good football field,  cricket ground, and basketball and volleyball court as well as an indoor stadium hall.  Besides these facilities for table-tennis, chess, carom, hockey game and swimming  facilities are also available at the Kanpur. A big stadium is also under construction at  Kanpur campus. The teams of various games in different colleges are selected and the  university teams comprising members from different colleges are sent for Inter-university,  National and State competitions. The participants in such tournaments are benefited by  getting two per cent weightage in entrance test performance. To look-after and manage  various games counselors for different games have been deputed from among the faculty  members and they do their job for the benefit of the students. The senior most and  competent counselor’s acts as Games President. Similar facilities are available at Etawah  campus.

Cultural Activities: To boost up the creative talent of the students and develop their  personality, cultural programmes, debates, essay and painting competitions are organized  in the University and winners are sent to participate in various inter-varsity, National and  State level competitions.

Antiragging Programme: Dean Student’s Welfare Office is mainly responsible for  preventing ragging in the University. With the co-operation of Deans/Chief Wardens of  various hostels and members of antiragging committee constituted for the purpose. The  university has proved its claim that ‘C.S.A. University of Agriculture & Technology, Kanpur’  is entirely free from ragging activities against newly admitted students of U.G.,P.G. and  Ph.D. degree programmes.

Railway Concession: For the students this facility is available for semester break and  summer vacation from the university to their native place and back. As for study tours the  students are given this facility with the strong recommendation of Guide/Advisor/Head of  Department and Dean of the faculty concerned.

Student’s Discipline: To provide a good atmosphere to students for study, research and  preparation for various competitions, the discipline in various hostels, campuses and  colleges is the most important factor. The Dean Students Welfare Office is responsible for  this, which is being performed quite well through the team of Dean/Chief Wardens,  Wardens, Games Counsellors and NCC and NSS Officers.

Fooding & Lodging for Farmers in Kisan Mela: The Office of Dean Students Welfare is  made responsible to arrange the fooding and lodging arrangements for the Farmers,  Visitors and other participants in “Akhil Bhartiya Kisan Mela and Udyog Pradershni” being  organized twice in a year for four days. About 15000-20000 visitors use to come in each  Kisan Mela. Arrangement for their stay in Hostels & Guest houses and various Halls is  made and Lunch & Dinner are made available on payment basis. This entire task is  performed by Assoc. Dean Students Welfare, Hostel Warden, NCC & NSS officer under the  guidance & supervision of Dean Students Welfare.

NCC and NSS Programme: NCC and NSS programmes are running in the University  under the control of Dean, Students Welfare. The following Officers are looking after the  programmes.

NCC Programme NSS Programme
1. Dr. D.R. Singh
NCC Officer (Armed)
Dr. Devendra Singh
NSS Officer & Coordinator
2. Dr. Sarvesh Kumar
NCC Officer (Infantry)
 Dr. R.S. Umrao
NSS Officer