Name of the College Head
Dr. Poonam Singh,
Dean Agriculture

About the College

The College started B.Sc.(Ag.) Degree Programme and Master’s Degree Programme in  1930 and 1944, respectively affiliated to Agra University. The College has a grand and  historical academic building stretched in about 235 thousand square meter. Nine beautiful  and spacious hostels with a capacity of 1000 students (boys and girls) along with an  excellent Central Library and a Centrally located grand auditorium (900 seats). The  College of Agriculture offers one graduate programme B.Sc.(Ag.) Hons., 13 Master’s  programmes and 13 Doctorate programmes (Agronomy, Agricultural Biochemistry,  Agricultural Extension, Animal Husbandry and Dairying, Crop Physiology, Entomology,  Genetics and Plant Breeding, Horticulture, Plant Pathology, Soil Science and Agricultural  Chemistry, Agricultural Economics, Soil Conservation and Water Management and Seed  Technology). Each year about 120 students enroll in graduate programme and more than  150 in Postgraduate Programmes.


The curriculum of the graduate programme has a practical bias with sound scientific  knowledge. It is being updated regularly. A detailed course syllabut and course outline for  each course has been developed. The students are provided course outlines in the first  lecture class, which the concerned instructor covers during the semester. Students are  exposed to rural agricultural work experience in their seventh semester, which includes attachment to villages and prominent agro-industries besides Plant Clinic Laboratory and  fieldwork.

The college has well-trained faculty consisting of 33 Professors, 182 Associate Professors  and 314 Assistant Professors or equivalent positions. Many of the Professors have achieved  distinction in their respective field of specialization and have received awards and prizes. A  good number of faculty members have published books and quality research papers. The  College has well-developed infrastructure in terms of classrooms, glass houses and  laboratories. Besides, well-equipped laboratories of integrated Pets Management and  Analytical and Quality Control are available in the college, the students also have access to  central facilities of the University.

Degree Programme Offered

B.Sc.Ag. (Hons)
B.Sc. Forestry
B.Sc. Horticulture
M.Sc.Ag. (15 discipline)
MBA (Agri-business Mgt.)
Ph.D. (13 disciplines)

List of Department

S. No. Name Of The Department Professor & Head/ Incharge
 Agri Business Management  Dr. R.K Yadav
 Agricultural Biochemistry  Dr. Madhu Bajpai
 Agricultural Economics and Statistics  Dr. Ram Chandra
 Agricultural Extension  Dr. V.K. Singh
 Agronomy  Dr. Karam Hussain
 Animal Husbandry and Dairying  Dr. S.P. Singh
 Crop Physiology  Dr. Lallu
 Entomology  Dr. D.R Singh
 Genetics & Plant Breeding  Dr. S.K Gupta
 Horticulture  Dr. S.S. Yadav
 Plant Pathology  Dr. Ved Ratan
 Seed Science and Technology  Dr. C.L Maurya
 Soil Conservation & Water Management  Dr. R.P. Singh
 Forestery  Dr. R.P. Singh
 Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry  Dr. R.C. Nigam